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Remember being a teenager, just learning about politics, and having your parents or teachers make fun of your ideas because your ideas were too naive? “Well why don’t we just make it illegal to bribe politicians?” “Ha ha Lucy, that’s not how the world works.”   OK, fine. Kids are naive and no one likes […]


d.s.b. final show 3/28/2010 @ antiknock part 2

D.S.B. I had been drinking during the previous 10 bands, so I don't remember their final show. That sucks, but I manged not to get killed by the sheer fury of their rocking, so I can't really complain. What I DO remember is how many people from all over the world showed up: Kids from […]


d.s.b. final show part one 3/28/2010 @ antiknock

Yes. DSB has broken up. The same band that I saw on my very first show in Tokyo almost 10 years ago at the Antiknock club, now I'm seeing their last show . . . at the Antiknock club. that's right: 13 bands. I saw 12, remembered 10. 9 1/2. Ten-ish.   Anyway.   DIGRAPHIA […]


solmania, anadorei, no think, gore beyond necropsy, s/m show

OK, here's  a blast from the fuckin' past:  August 2, 2003!!!!   When I migrated all my old .html pages to this new WordPress format, there was one file missing. . . despite me spending a fuckin' month painstakingly migrating all 770 TDR reports one at a time into wordpress, I didn't transfer this one […]


brutal tower!

There's an odd corner near  Parco in Shibuya – one of those weird architectural bits. But unlike some of the other architecture weird things I post – this one not weird because it's rare – it's weird because you can actually SEE something that's pretty normal but usually hidden. My friend and I were having […]


kimoi logozzz!!

  Below: classic radness from a hicktown game center. Does anyone know if this is a game guy? a below: classic graphic design!!! this "no pooping" sign is a play on words: "Fuun!"  is the sound of poop coming out, but also the sound of an angry guy – or in this case – an […]