Tokyo Damage Report

kimoi logozzz!!


Below: classic radness from a hicktown game center. Does anyone know if this is a game guy?


below: classic graphic design!!!

this "no pooping" sign is a play on words: "Fuun!"  is the sound of poop coming out, but also the sound of an angry guy – or in this case – an angry dog.

below, 微妙なマスコット:




tHE mascots above look very homey and friendly . . . until you realize that the lady is COOKING THE DUDE IN HER WOK.

It's a cannibal restaraunt.

Above: the "mobster gorilla" is inviting you to a bar called "The Bar Where You Can Talk To The Chanteuse."

Fucking monster excellent!!!!


above: another pun, this time for a dentist. The tooth above is a play on the kanji for tooth, which looks like this:

above: a worm is for some un-patriotic reason the mascot of the Edo Era Museum Village Of Musashi Koganei.

Below: 下手猫。 The finest art that Adobe Illustrator can buy.

below: the mascot of "garlic ramen house"

I smelled it before I saw it. And IT WASN'T EVEN OPEN AT THE TIME. Fuck yes, man. Fuck yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

below: the winner.

This was a weight-lifting studio in Musashi Koanei. The text at right reads, "English teachers can get a discount!"

I wonder if this blonde, blue-eyed amazon is supposed to be an English teacher?

Below:  Bart Fird.

I mean, Fart Bird. The mascot of a dry-cleaners' chain. Below: mascot of a nice little shitamachi shoutengai :


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  1. Orestria May 3rd, 2010 4:39 am

    Game dude is demitri from vampire saviour/darkstalkers

  2. catoneinutica May 5th, 2010 6:07 pm

    Re: that sports club sign: Napoleon Dynamite-ish figure, replete with intricate shading and texturing, plus "English teachers can get good discount" = pure, undiluted, uncut, unadulterated TDR awesomeness.

  3. ivo May 7th, 2010 4:42 pm

    what th' dealy yo?!?'
    when are ya gonna post th' april 18th show at waseda zone b?!? i was th' lil' dude wit' th' magma choker from canaduh!!! since i'm back in this god-forsaken tundra i would love to relive those special moments we had that night durin' isterismo!!! pleez say ya remember what we had goin' ooooooooon!!! by th' by, yo' livin' th' life bein' able to experience all that face-meltin' NOOOOOIZE!!! 
                                                  yo' lil' pal, ivo

  4. szaszha May 7th, 2010 5:00 pm

    dude the health club one looks like chick is starting her moon cycle all down her leg. who the hell got commisioned for that? 
    oh, also you guys might like <a href="">kanellos the greek protest dog.</a> i thought this was totally rad. there is a picture of the dog getting tear gassed and he's just like "fuck the police! revolution!" that dog is hardcore.

  5. szaszha May 7th, 2010 5:02 pm

    wtf is wrong with my html? your comments are jackin with me. well heres the link straight up:

  6. David Enemy May 9th, 2010 8:29 am

    Hey man, cool pics!
    The gorilla thing actually says "Chanson & Talk"
    Chanson is the French for songs, but in Japanese refers to Frenchy songs.
    we need to meet up soon, yo!

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