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What is SEVENTEEN??   When we last left our hero, he was exiled to the shed in the backyard, and his last remaining friend – Gang, the stray cat – had abandoned him. How can it go downhill from here?   There seems to be some kind of scared white piglet inside my head that […]

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Kenzaburo Oe’s SEVENTEEN , part three

What is SEVENTEEN??     I felt a chill running from my bones to all my viscera, as I turned away from my family and walked to the backyard. Beneath the summers' night sky was a second layer of rose-colored sky, as if two skies were overlapping. Humidity and dust rose from the ground, suffusing my […]

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Oe Kenzaburo’s SEVENTEEN part TWO

What is SEVENTEEN?? Where's part one?   At dinner, no one said anything about my birthday, even my sister. I began to realize that no one was going to say anything suitable at all. Of course, our family had a habit of not talking at mealtimes to begin with. Father, who taught at a private school, […]


Oe Kenzaburo’s SEVENTEEN, part one

 What is SEVENTEEN?? CHAPTER ONE, part one.    Today is my birthday. I turned juu-nana-sai. In English, they call it sebentiin! My family – Father, Mother, and Older Brother – didn't even notice (or perhaps they pretended not to notice), so I didn't say anything either. At nightfall, my elder sister, who works as a nurse […]


June funny photos

a a a "Time to think about our environment for the future? This toilet roll is 100% recycled paper." The photo above is only funny if you remember that 'cure' is not only pronounced 'kyuu-ur', it's a Romanization of the Japanese くれ (koo-ray)!, as in 'Give me a hair salon!'   a a a a […]

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Israeli settlers, help is on the way!

Just read an article in the New York Review of Books about how psycho the Israeli government is. The article was written before this whole 'gaza boat shootout' fiasco, but it might help explain it.  Anyway the article was rad, and so I wrote my own article and here it is.   Here’s how to […]


ufos attack tokyo

Look at the picture below. . . notice anything unusual? More specifically, notice SIX things unusual? Recently, Tokyo has been under attack – an infestation, really – by UFOs. The type above is what I call the 'lunar lander' type. Although, the more traditional, Sputnik type is equally common: a And then there's crazy shit […]

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For years, people have been bragging about how the music corporations are dying off, how Capitol or Warner or whoever, they got too greedy, they ignored mp3s, they screwed themselves and they will go obsolete, ushering in this glorious new era of artist-dominated creativity and Renissance lutes playing on every street corner. And yet what I’m […]