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the passive-aggressive zombies of suburbia

Tama Reien (多摩霊園),  a cemetery that makes Yoyogi Park look like a parking spot. Located in suburban Tokyo (Musashi Koganei is the nearest station). Famous for being the resting place of Yukio Mishima, among others. Looks pretty normal, right? But what's that on the center right? Can we get a close-up? Huh? A slot? What's […]


kubikiri jizo (首切り地蔵) cemetery

Nate (from the Ramenate blog) took me to kubikiri Jizo –  just a few feet from Minami Senju station (those are the Hibiya-sen tracks there in back). As you can tell from the name, kubikiri means "neck cutting" – this cemetery was built on an Edo-era execution ground (further evidence of which is the 'namidabashi' […]


new shit.

    First of all: the synonym dictionary has been updated: lots of new useage tags, 99% of unanswered questions resolved, and corrections made by readers, um. . . corrected.  Eventually I'll probably include example sentences, but for now – done!   check it out!!   However, the dictionary was so damn big it not […]


mp3 post: Finger Lickin’ Grout

        In 1995, me and some friends made a band:  Adjetive Noun (sic), which was a hardcore punk band about smashing the system/Man/scene.  We had one song. However, despite our uncompromising war with authority, corporations, and bands-with-more-than-one-song, we had a deep, dark secret: in our spare time, we played PROGRESSIVE ROCK with […]


synonym dictionary update!

OK, here's something I and my teacher have been working on for the past two years: A sort of "synonym dictionary" to help us gaijin tell Japanese synonyms apart. What are the differences in nuance, and useage? And more importantly, when are you supposed to use one and not the other? I made a wiki […]


first you get the money, then you get the power!

spotted in Asagaya:  Poster for the Jiminto Party's Mr. Ishihara (son of the Tokyo governor!) Where have I seen this before?? Intentional? Spread the venom Hide Sites


chiisai tsu words!!

Japanese is – among language nerds – famous for its onomatopoeia! Words like GYUU or GERO GERO or TON TON, SHA SHA, BUU BUU, and so on. Sure, English has some onomatopoeia (slap, smack, drip, chop, etc.) but Japanese is positively crammed with ‘em. You can even buy textbooks that teach nothing but onomatopoeia Japanese. […]


mp3 post: panda fucker maniac revolution

So why I haven't been posting lately?  I've been breaking in my new home-recording studio. That's right: the world needs more demos of imaginary bands! actually, not totally imaginary!   PANDA FUCKER MANIAC REVOLUTION  (in Japanese, パンダ・ファッカ・マニアック・レボルーション, or パファマレ (pa-fa-ma-re) for short), was a band I started way back in 2004. The idea was "dooooom […]