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SEVENTEEN, now downloadable!

No, not the girls' magazine. The Japanese novella that was banned after the first printing, on pain of death! The novella I just translated into english for your reading-and-or-Emperor-disrespecting pleasure.   The novella you can download here for free! All in one place.   Let me back up a second: Last year, I posted my […]


mp3 post: busuchan!

  artist: BUSUCHAN album: DEFRAG MY HEART date: 2000 The cover is a screen-grab from the Windows '98 defrag display. The "hello kitty cursor" was my actual cursor at the time. 2000 was a bummer year: nothing but hello kitty and true norwegian black metal. But I had used up all my Black Metal riffs […]


worst critic ever: the New Yorker’s Sasha Frere-Jaques

Remember that old Bill Hicks routine about how he can't NOT watch "cops" because it's so painful? Recently that's how I feel about the New Yorker Magazine's resident reviewer of popular music, Sasha Frere Jaques. I don't read him to find out what is good or bad (neither do his fans, I expect). I read […]


mp3 post: the criminally insane project

GROUP: THE CRIMINALLY INSANE PROJECT ALBUM: ADVANCED SLAYERPHONICS PERSONEL: Myself and the inimitable Jason Kocol YEAR: 2004 Ever wondered what it would be like to be Slayer, or a member or Slayer? So have we. That's why we have, after years of research, developed an experimental Device that allows YOU to hear your favorite pop […]


Millions of Dead Critics

I’m going to pick on rock critics. This might seem like flogging a dead horse : I mean, who LIKES them?  But this rant isn’t art; it’s politics.   In art you try to say something original. In politics, however, you keep hitting your point until a plurality of voters agree with you and pass […]



防人情隊 ( bouninjoutai ) 2004 demo : 逃狂愛憎 (tokyo aizou )     download the whole thing here. In 2004, I was pissed! Man, was I pissed!  Visa problems, girl problems, social alienation, money issues. . . So I wrote Japan a fuck-you letter:  a whole punk album in JAPANESE. Ironic because a main reason […]


Kenzaburo Oe on USA’s 9/11

I know it's weird to post chapter 3 of a book before I post chapters 1 and 2. But – I'm in the middle of translating Kenzaburo Oe's banned book DEATH OF A POLITICAL YOUTH  (aka part two of Seventeen, which I previously translated and posted).   Chapter 3 of the book is a fictional […]


mp3 post: a brief history of vats!

            Download mp3s here. Buy the CD @ Aquarius Records! (search for Schultz)   This was my very first CD – from 1998. The whole concept was to take random music (early Boredoms, Mr. Bungle, Le Scrawl, Naked City, etc.) and make it AS RANDOM AS POSSIBLE. Nothing was overlooked. […]


The TDR guide to election reform.

Ever since that famous televised debate where Nixon got wrecked by the good-looking JFK, television debates have been increasingly sophisticated, scripted, manicured . . . and dull. Things took a dramatic turn for the  worse after the Gary Hart scandal where he full-on dared the press to uncover his affair, and they did. After that, […]

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mp3 post: Puny Humans

          Download the whole thing here. Buy the CD @ the Aquarius Records site (search for Schultz, you'll find it!)     ARTIST: THE PUNY HUMANS ALBUM : NO ONE WILL EVER UNDERSTAND OUR GENIOUS (sic) YEAR: 2002 PERSONNEL: Kocol and Schultz After we finished the Stalin Claus rock opera, me […]


soul japan magazine, 悪羅悪羅!!

ORA ORA! Punch Perms are back: welcome to the world of SOUL JAPAN!  In the past, Japan's macho men have tried to adopt American rap apparel, with mixed results. Now the purveyors of manly clothes are back, and they've found a much better American look: THE DOUCHE. a Somehow, where The Rapper failed to translate […]


mp3 post: i forgot to get a rap name!

  download it here. Buy it @ Aquarius Records online store. (you'll have to search for "Schultz") Way back in 2000 I recorded a rap album. Did a couple of shows, too – at Gilman (?!?) and at a "rasputin's records rapper of the year contest" (basically a kind of anyone-can-enter star-search thing).    Fun […]