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CHAPTER THREE In summer, my “internal golden Emperor” began to manifest himself furiously!  As hot as the most blistering summer day was, I was hotter. In the cities and suburbs,  the Patriotic Youth Corps stuffed ourselves into our thick battle uniforms and roasted our heads in our steel helmets, the sweat stinging our skin, our […]

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mp3 post: Fish Supply Failing

  download here.   BAND: FISH SUPPLY FAILING ALBUM: BLOTTALGORE YEAR: 1999 OR 97? PERSONEL: crow (guitar, vox), me (drums, bass, vox), ange (occasional belly-dance drums).       FISH SUPPLY FAILING (one of the many thousands of bandnames left-over from the epic Finger Lickin’ Grout marketing and focus-group sessions) was the sort of rappin’ side-project […]



(if you're just tuning in, parts one and two are down the page) Since I’d joined the Imperial Way Party, this was the first time I’d ever heard of, and understood, the real ambitions behind it. And in that moment, I not only learned the truth of politics, but also I felt as if I’d […]

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mp3 post: the amino assholes

  band: AMINO ASSHOLES title: COLLECTED WORKS OF years: 1999-2002 download HERE.   I have this firm conviction that cover tunes should either be a) done out of a sincere hatred of the song, to make the original artist cry, or b) done in such a different style that they're unrecognizable. I like to think […]


Oe’s Death of a Political Youth, PART TWO

CHAPTER 2 The Imperial Way Party hosts regular “Discipline and Self-Improvement” parties for the younger members. At this party, there was a rare argument. I was lost in thought, in the farthest corner of the auditorium, when I heard the accusations fly all around my head, like so many lines in the most dramatic play. […]

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mp3 post: 18 from ’98

        download the whole thing here.   BAND: Just me. ALBUM: 18 from 98 (aka 98-18) DATE: take a good guess, stainer!   In 1998, I got my first keyboard: a Roland Juno.  I was teaching myself to free-style at the time. This was before napster and free music, so if I […]

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Kenzaburo Oe’s Death of a Political Youth

Last year I translated Kenzaburo Oe's novella SEVENTEEN. You can read it here. Seventeen – besides being funny – is important because it got banned for making fun of the uyoku (the black van militia right-wing guys).  It was translated into English. But what the English version doesn't say, is that the  SEVENTEEN novella is […]


mp3 post: finky binks

ARTIST: FINKY BINKS (pictured above, getting his flow on with gorilla mittens) ALBUM ; CHARLIE BUCKETT: COSMONAUT! YEAR: 2002 NUTSHELL: Finky wrote the raps and I made the music. download the whole thing here.   This is a collaboration between me and Finky, an East Bay rapper.  I felt like it would be a perpetrator/poser […]

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Noam Chomsky Snaps

Noam Chomsky is famous for his achievements in linguistics, as well as his political activism. But I think that future generations will revere him for a THIRD reason: his snap powers. &nbsp So if his snaps are so powerful, why aren’t they famous, you say? &nbsp 1)   massive media coverup organized by a notoriously snap-averse […]


mp3 post: stalin claus superstar: a suplex prune hittite fantasy

  Playlist, Acts one through four (?!?): Download here:   part one part two Buy the whole thing (4 CDs, 64-page booklet, packaged in a slick jewelry box) from Aquarius Records (search for Stalin or Schultz, y'know) ARTIST : VA ALBUM: STALIN CLAUS SUPERSTAR YEAR: 2000   Introduction by H.P. Lovecraft   I went over […]