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mp3 post: 18 from ’98





download the whole thing here.


BAND: Just me.

ALBUM: 18 from 98 (aka 98-18)

DATE: take a good guess, stainer!


In 1998, I got my first keyboard: a Roland Juno. 

I was teaching myself to free-style at the time.

This was before napster and free music, so if I needed beats to rap over, I had to make 'em myself. 

With glue and a belt-sander.

In the snow!

That's why the songs are kind of long – I didn't want to interrupt my concentration to have to hit the rewind button.

The actual sounds are dated, old-fashioned. But the arrangements are still way futuristic.

I got beats in here in 11/8, in 6/8, I got Stravinsky samples, Ruins samples, beats that are just insanely off-beat. . . sounds triggered 100 times a second, from soft to loud, so it sounds like it's coming in reverse  . .. sounds that are coming in all fake-glissando style so they wrap around your head. . . stuff that comes from Zappa and Super Mario 64 all mixed up with field recordings of bullfrogs.

Anyway I'm posting this shit in case anyone wants to practice freestyling out there. And also now if anyone wants to get down with a bullfrog/Slayer combo, they have to admit I did it first.


Also:  if beats were Photoshop, this is what the album would look like:

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  1. Miles October 16th, 2010 8:16 am

    I listened to this with a jazz internet radio station playing in the background with a muted trumpet solo. Like magic, it totally blended and I thought your track had muted trumpet on it. Almost sounds like some kind of 80s Miles Davis thing. Play your "808MEAN" with "By Myself" from this page:

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