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A'ight, I switched to wordpress 2 years ago. And since – in all that time – no one has invented a script to solve the most simple, basic, navigational bug of wordpress.


So today, I had to fuck around and make new navigation pages so that people could find the most simple, basic pages of my site.


In other words, I had to eschew the fancy-pants  .php database and hand-code the damn links THAT I MIGRATED EVERYTHING TO WORDPRESS TO SPECIFICALLY NOT HAVE TO DO ANYMORE. You know, all .html, '90s-style. And everyone knows how much I hate the '90s.


If you direct your honorable gaze to the top of this page, you'll see some new links: for my art, for my music, and for translations of things I did. You'll also find something missing: the show schedule.

The links to Tokyo clubs' schedule pages have moved to the tour guide page.

But I'm not going to continue updating my own show schedule, because that would mean supporting bands.

If someone else wants to be the bigger woman and do their own underground show schedule site, I'll link to it. Or maybe not. Fuck bands.

Anyway, in case you are too busy to click on the links above, here is links to all my drawings, and one video ('90s-style!), which you may have missed if you only came here when I posted about cat-fights or visual kei.


2007 Henrio catalog

2005 Henrio catalog

Oyaji force field

San Francisco Market Street Fashion

2004 spring fashion predictions

2004 fall fashion predictions

2009 fashion predictions

Gandalf / Balrog MSPaint rap battle

legacy of cuteality


Tokyo damage report will return in 8 weeks with an epic, 16-part rant about small penis frenzy (the game, not the band).

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