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anyone know of this book?

Calling all old-school ex-pats: anyone know the name of the book (Japanese author) that complains about BUREAUCRACY AND THE INFANTILIZATION OF JAPAN?   It was a Japanese book, published at around the same time as the "parasite singles" book, but it never got as famous. Discusses how the government/society/The Man treats the populace like little kids […]


updated TDR guide to Japanese military slogans.

A while ago, I wrote a short glossary of Dangerous Japanese – Japanese words for cult leaders, serial killers, embarrassing customs, etc. Part of that dealt with war crimes. But there’s so many amazing military terms, they really deserve their own glossary – so here is the TOKYO DAMAGE REPORT GUIDE TO JAPAN’S SENJINKUN!!!! (SENJINKUN […]


tdr hq

Below , my new gun. I bought it for shooting roaches. No, I'm serious, kid. It shoots roaches! Actually I only WISH I could say I bought it on purpose. Actually I came home from vacation and it was just. ..  .like that. Some little fella crawled into my squirt-gun and couldn't get out! Below: […]