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how the capitalist – communist thing actually works

Japan! Economy! What the hell, people? The lack of incentives.The redundant workers doing long hours. Companies where 1,200 people do the job that 400 people could do, and the high costs are passed on to the consumer. The banks that pay no interest. Huh? I thought only communist countries do that.    It makes no […]


unit 731 walking tour scheduled for april

A lot of folks were cool enough to tell me the news: Tokyo government  is going to finally dig up the bones buried after WW2 by Unit 731-affiliated medical war-crimes guys near Waseda. There is a grass-roots activist group which does a "walking tour" that takes people around and shows them where the war-crimes and […]



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    HAPPY FLIGHT is a Japanese movie about people working for the real-life ANA (All Nippon Airways). Saw it on TV. Sucked. But in an interesting way: It teaches about the slightly Orwellian Japanese version of product placement.   Since Dragnet in the ’60s, American TV and movies have done product placement: The LAPD let the […]


imaginary jobs

books like DOGS AND DEMONS talk about Japan’s crazy public works projects. To keep unemployment down and money circulating in the economy, they straight make up fake jobs for people. And it works – people have jobs and coffee that cost 300 yen this morning does not cost 450 yen the next morning.  It works, and […]


new puny humans song!

My old band, the Puny Humans, fucked around and did a new song called STOPS. Our first in 10 years. listen or DL  here. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa   Spread the venom Hide Sites


tour guide updated again   3 new shops added, 3 out-of-biz ones taken out. If , like me, you are sad that the  tour guide is losing out to "visual kei interview" as the most popular page, please tell a friend. If anyone knows a) something that should be in the guide but ain't, or b) something that […]

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Japan book review 1: SHUTTING OUT THE SUN

REVIEW OF SHUTTING OUT THE SUN, by Michael Zielenziger (2004) Every misfit or social loser knows that “society is trying to make me conform to their bullshit rules, man!” – but it’s really difficult to say exactly HOW society does it. This book promises to explain the political and historical background to so many social […]