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This is Part One of the Spring 2004 festa. Parts two (fashion) and over there.   this section: STUFFED ANIMALS, of which there were way more than last year's festa. Yes, these drooling bunnies are totally abhorrent.       ute rabbit, post-surgery. Another brilliant design from FLUX FLAT.   west side THIS SECTION: […]


reup: spring 2004 design festa part 3: bands

may 9th , 2004 @ design festa For other pages on the spring festa, go here (art) and here (fashion)   GOMCOIL                 ESSU EMMU                                 Spread the venom Hide Sites

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reup: tetsuarei, nightmare: ONE ON ONE LIVE

May 29th, 2004 @ shinjuku EARTHDOM 5/29 Went do a slightly different kind of punk show tonight. A ONE-ON-ONE show. This means only 2 bands play. Both bands are very old-school jappa-core from at least 15 years ago. It was a good concept except for this: instead of doing like a 2- or 3- round fight […]

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re-up: impulsive, hazard, delta, hazard, dsb, colored rice men

another  long-lost old post recovered. May 9, 2004 @ Shinjuku ANTIKNOCK quick – where's the Irishman?   BAND NAME: colored rice men Where from: How long they’ve been around: long time\ Featuring ex members of: lip cream Stage posing: 2 Funny faces: 5. guitarist could rival Yingwe for faces. Vocal looked like a big toothless […]

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Yamamoto Ryuuji’s DANYUU part 2

This is a translation of Part 2 of Yamamoto Ryuuji's autobiography, called DANYUU (male actor). (part 1 is here) You can buy it here. Also if you want to meet him, he runs his own bar about 10 minutes’ walk from Kouenji station – basically near the Kannana Doori / Waseda Doori intersection. The bar […]

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The Choosening

Back in  1995, we were trying to think of names for the band which was to become FINGER LICKIN' GROUT. Last week we randomly found the 3-ring binder full of failed band-names. Here they are:   The Eurhythmics Yield Sign The Toenail Clippers The Tuberculosis Dentistry Camping Equipment The Latchet Rugs The Yiddish Cusswords Lattitude […]


i’m ok

Thanks to everyone who mailed their support. This quake is fucked. Sorry to everyone who came to this website hoping for an ACTUAL Tokyo Damage Report.   As a way of apology, here is a simple e-mail you can send to your Japanese friends asking them in a concerned but not overly formal way if […]


REUP : theatrical rock show: zombie lolita, 213 chicks, ‘junior high school grave’

originally posted on May 8, 2004 live show @ Ikebukuro CHOP BANDS: Ok, I’ve decided that since I’m doing so many rock show reviews, I should have a coherent reviewing schema. But I still have another problem : EVEN I am getting bored of writing show reviews. From now on, ONLY if a band does […]


glossary of terms for Yamamoto Ryuuji’s DANYUU

SPECIALIZED SHOW-BIZ AND PORN TERMS, IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE IN THE BOOK, SORT OF:   大河ドラマ         taiga drama           a genre of historical Japanese drama, which includes but is not limited to samurai stuff. 時代劇                jidaigeki               Samurai films (literally. “period dramas”) 役者                   yakusha                an old-fashioned word for actor that connotes more kabuki or Shakespeare […]

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Yamamoto Ryuuji’s DANYUU, part one

DANYUU (ACTOR) by YAMAMOTO RYUUJI   SOMETHING LIKE AN INTRODUCTION   “After all this time, why does he write an autobiography now? Isn’t that a little incredibly boring and self-centered!” . . . is what you’re probably thinking right now.   Well, there was this wrestler named Fred Blassie. He was famous a long time […]


I’ve translated another book: DANYUU by Yamamoto Ryuuji . . .

. . . but first, you'll need some background!   Yamamoto Ryuuji is an actor.   He’s kind of like the Crispin Glover of Japan : started out doing very traditional conservative samurai films, and then went and made some of the most disturbing cult films of all time, and . . . still works part-time […]


thanks everyone!

Thanks to everyone who wrote answers to my questions about Japan's econmy. I had no idea that so many respectable people even read this site. Then I started checking my email logs, and noticed something else cool: almost every comment is from a different person. This might mean that everyone gets sick of TDR after […]