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I’ve translated another book: DANYUU by Yamamoto Ryuuji . . .

. . . but first, you'll need some background!
Yamamoto Ryuuji is an actor.
He’s kind of like the Crispin Glover of Japan : started out doing very traditional conservative samurai films, and then went and made some of the most disturbing cult films of all time, and . . . still works part-time in mainstream cinema and TV. 
Although he is most famous for eating poop, he did a lot of other fetish films . . .films which go beyond any kind of sexual niche, into a twisted nether-world of just being disturbing: sex with mentally ill grandmothers with compulsive hoarding syndrome, in their apartments that are stacked to the ceiling with junk. Sex between hobos in a dumpster.
I know Vice magazine is hyping the super-gross-out hentai video company Genki-genki, and genki-genki is a’ight . . . they a’ight, but Yamamoto is like the godfather of that stuff.
He just published his auto-biography,called DANYUU (male actor). You can buy it here.
Also if you want to meet him, he runs his own bar about 10 minutes’ walk from Kouenji station – basically near the Kannana Doori / Waseda Doori intersection. The bar is called RYUU-CHAN.
Anyway, I translated the whole thing into English. There is a LOT of show-biz slang in the book, and I tried to preserve that feeling by keeping the original Japanese show-biz slang instead of using the equivalent English words.  To make this less daunting, I went ahead and made a little glossary of terms on a separate page, which I'll post in a few days. I would advise that you nerd out and keep both windows open while reading.
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  1. ted March 6th, 2011 8:11 am

    Is it titled, "Danyuu all to Hell!"

  2. Zichao April 24th, 2011 3:15 pm

    Just got through this – I should comment on the last installment but I was reading in the wrong order. Thankyou!!!!!!!

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