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glossary of terms for Yamamoto Ryuuji’s DANYUU


大河ドラマ         taiga drama           a genre of historical Japanese drama, which includes but is not limited to samurai stuff.
時代劇                jidaigeki               Samurai films (literally. “period dramas”)
役者                   yakusha                an old-fashioned word for actor that connotes more kabuki or Shakespeare than contemporary films
芸能界                 geinoukai           the world of show biz
映画                     eiga                     film
映画界                 eigakai                the world of movies
ピンク映画           pinku eiga          soft-core porno-exploitation films popular in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Holy shit, the wikipedia for this is massive.
鞍馬天狗              kurama Tengu.  A kind of tengu demon from the Kurama mountain.
俳優                     haiyuu                :another word for actor –more broad and casual than yakusha.
芝居                     shibai                  the skill of acting. Also (as a noun), it refers to a sort of low-brow play: high-school plays, street theatre, the skits that entertainers put on for troops, etc.
丁稚棒公            decchiboukou    apprentice, gofer, errand boy, prop kid
演劇                    engeki                 theatre – Shakespeare, kabuki, noh, etc.
演劇人                engekijin             theatre person (as opposed to film, tv, etc.)
評論家               hyouronka            critics
脇役                    wakiyaku              supporting roles
主役                    shuyaku               main role
主演                    shuen                   to star in (lit. to play the main role)
出演                    shutsuen              to appear in
吹き替え             fukikae                 over-dub
二枚目                nimaime              the handsome-guy role
(literally “second from the top”, referring to the kabuki custom of giving top billing to the main character, giving second billing to the handsome actor, and third billing to the comic relief).
ガラッ八             Gara-pachi             the wacky sidekick.
忠臣蔵                chuujinzou            the hero’s main helper, the Sam Gamgee
三枚目                sanmaime            lit. ‘third-billing’ In jidaigeki, the sancho panza wacky sidekick: see also gara-pachi and chuujinzou! Also, In adult video, sanmaime is. . . the rapist role.
裏方                     urakata                   lit. ‘behind-the-scenes’, meaning a prop man
殺陣                     tate                         movie swordfights, or sword-fighting scenes
舞台                     butai                       stage
ロケバス             rokebasu                 (contraction from the English ‘location bus’): the bus that carries crew and actors around the studio lots
台詞                    serifu                        lines
通行人                tsuukounin              extras Literally, ‘ passing-by people’
登場人                toujounin                 debut (literally: climbing-on-stage-person)
撮影所                satsueisho              studio
五社協定            gosha kyoutei        movie company cartel of the early part of Japanese movie history (literally, the five company pact)
大部屋                oobeya                   actors who got bit parts. More than extras but not as important as supporting characters (literally: ‘big room people’, referring to the fact that they had to sleep in one communal room, since they were not important enough to get their own bedroom
事務所                jimusho                  office. In showbiz, it usually refers to talent agencies.
ちゃんばら         chanbara                sword-fighting, in movies as well as real-life
斬られ役            kirareyaku              red-shirt. A minor character whose role is to die.
楽屋                   rakuya                    waiting room – where salaried extras hang out and wait for casting calls             
演出                   enshutsu                directing
名演技                naengi                  famous acting techniques
                        sode                      (lit. sleeve) the wings of the stage
真似                    mane                      imitation
物真似                monomane          celebrity impersonator; someone who does impressions)
NG:                     no good!                (from the English)
きょんし               Kyonshi                chinese zombies
                       shaku                     time limit of movie or tv show
作品                   sakuhin                 can be used for either a commercial product or an artwork. (see also the pop-art of murakami, who raises western eyebrows by doing ads as often as he does museum-type art) Often Japanese will substitute the ill-fitting English word “works.” Please see my works!
小道具                kodougu                small props
主題歌                shudaika              theme song
振り付け            furitsuke                choreography
台本                   daihon                   script
用心棒                youjinbou             bodyguard or mercenary
ちょんまげ         chonmage            samurai-style top-knot hairdo
                       katsura                   wig
先輩                  senpai                     senior (rank as determined by age)
後輩                  kouhai                     junior
弟子                  deshi                       literally disciple, or apprentice.
親方                  oyakata                   mentor. More of a  career advisor than a sensei.
合図                   aizu                         a cue
預かる               azukaru                  (lit. “to hold on to something for somebody”, but in show-biz, it means, to groom a young actor for stardom: to take charge of their training, publicity, and introduce them around town to industry people)
受かってる       ukatteru!                   you got the part! 
付きの人           tsuki no hito             entourage
大道具              oodougu                  large props
怪獣                  Kaijuu                      monster movies
ロマン・ポルノ   Roman porno          Pink eiga subgenre of the ‘70s.
コネ                    kone                         connections
復帰                   fukki                         a comeback.
劇団                   gekidan                   a touring theater company
顔きくんだ!    Kao kikunda           to have connections (literally, ‘My face is effective!’)
艶笑                  enshou                     erotic comedy.
助監督              jokantoku                 assistant director
衣装                ishou                         wardrobe
衣装合わせ      ishou awase             choosing wardrobe for the characters.
ロケハン           rokehan                      location hunting
本番                  honban                     shooting as opposed to rehearsalbut the AV meaning is real sex as opposed to simulated sex.
絡み                  Karami                     literally, ‘entangled.’ In samurai movies, it means a fight scene. In sex movies, it means a sex scene. Usually you’d use it like, can you do these scenes? 絡める? Not used like, “Ok, we’re ready for your karami now!” (in that case you’d use nureba).
女優                    joyuu                       actress
男優                   danyuu                    actor
所属                   shozoku                   affiliate- in show biz, it means to be owned or managed by a certain jimushou.
専属                  senzoku                    under exclusive contract to a studio
試写会              shishakai                   prerelease sneak-preview screening.
隠然たる勢力   inzentaruseiryoku     power exerted from behind the scenes, hidden power, or a person who weilds same.
クランクイン      kurankurin                  first day of shooting
ギャラ                gyaran                         guarantee. A star’s salary.
洋ピン                youpin                         western pink movies
共演                   kyouen                       literally, ‘co-performing’, but you can guess the AV meaning
前貼り                maibari                      in pink eiga, the practice of taping up your genitals with medical gauze so as to not run afoul of the censors.
陰毛                   inmou                        pubic hair
エッチ                ecchi                         from the English letter ‘H’, the first letter in ‘hentai’. Sex.
エッチ・チャンネル  H channel           the sex channel of a love hotel.
脚本                   kyakuhon                 script. How different from daihon???
動画                   douga                        lit. ‘moving pictures’. Animation???
スカトロ             sukatoro                      from the English ‘scatology’: playing with feces for sexual reasons.
排便                   Haiben                     a medical word for, to poop. To defecate.
小便                 shouben                      to urinate.
キャラ                Kyara                         character,: can refer to one’s persona both on and on screen.
エロ雑誌         Ero zasshi                   erotic magazines
寄席                 yose                             traditional Japanese variety theater
人種問題ビデオ  jinshuumondai bideo -minstrel or blackface videos (lit. ‘racial problem videos’)
生ハメ              namahame                 no condom
絶頂                 zecchou                       climax
ネタ                  neta                             material (for a show, for a skit, to make a character on that show, etc.) (‘I have to think of new material!’)
フケ                  fuke                            dandruff
目ヤニ              meyani                     eye crusts
鼻糞                 hana kuso                 boogers
耳糞                 mimi kuso                 earwax
歯糞                 hakuso                      plaque
生理                 seiri                           menstruation
                    tsuba                          spit
局部                kyokubu                      genitals (literally ‘local parts’)
娯楽                goraku                       entertainment
お女かす         omekasu                  female smegma
ベッド・イン      beddo in                    Japlish for ‘get in bed with’
調教部屋        choukyou beya         literally ‘animal taming and training room’ – an S/M playroom
濡れ場             nureba                      sex scene, whether simulated or real. Literally: the moist place.
ゲテモノ・ビデオ getemono bideo:   an x-rated video made primarily for gross-out purposes rather than to masturbate to.

In one of the most chilling parts of the book, Yamamoto mentions ‘I thought I’d do this one as a getemono!’ . . . meaning that he considers ALL HIS OTHER WORK erotic in the usual sense.
司会役              shikaiyaku                  emcee
座長                  zachou                        leader of a theatrical troupe
コント                konto                            skit
一般映画          ippanna eiga              non-porn films: includes both mainstream, famous movies, and straight-to-video low-budget videos.
コンビ                konbi                           comedy duo
漫才                  manzai                      comedy duo – but more traditional and stylized than konbi. Konbi do a series of  random jokes, but manzai always follows a set format.
汁男優              shirudanyuu             a low-level male porn star who works in exchange for the sex (i.e. he doesn’t get paid)
CM                  shii-emmu                    commercial
取り直し          torinaoshi                        re-shoot
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