Tokyo Damage Report


This is Part One of the Spring 2004 festa. Parts two (fashion) and over there.


this section: STUFFED ANIMALS, of which there were way more than last year's festa. Yes, these drooling bunnies are totally abhorrent.




ute rabbit, post-surgery. Another brilliant design from FLUX FLAT.


west side



























THIS SECTION IS BOOTH PHOTOS!! this year's festa had, I think, more well-designed booths. Like this one for instance.

or this one. The Japanese on the wall means "make a mistake!" One is encouraged to write something on a small scrap of paper and then hang the paper on those yellow strings you see dangling from the roof.

yes, that's a giant 3D panda robot head that the lady is sitting in.

this character's head is A STOVE. The guy to the right is the author of a pop-up book featuring this character. What is EXTRA AWESOME is that the ENTIRE BOOTH is a pop-up. See that image in the far corner? That is literally bouncing off the corner in 3D.


this booth is selling some kind of licorice-whip-lookin' fiber optic cable that glows different colors. What this has to do with naughty bellydancers I have no idea.

this section is COSTUMES. For instance, these garbage-can-chef guys. They take these garbage cans, turn them over, and whale on them. Then they very respectfully pack the garbage back in and go to a different section of the festa and do it all over again.

CABARET. This picture sucks because all the good camera angles would have exposed someone's underpants.

this is the BEST THING. It's a machine that bonks the guy on the head as he is walking. Just damn.

the Stilt People. Um, they didn't bring the giant blue ball. That is ALWAYS there.

these guys show up every year and march around in alien onion heads.


octopus man. I asked him if he wanted to turn into an octopus, or just eat them. He said, 'both.'

FICE (fire and ice-get it?) they are a cosplay duo who do live performances in Akihabara, the nerd capital of japan. They want to be famous idol singers. Also they are aliens or cyborgs or androids or something.

random cosplay people. What makes this picture interesting is they are not dressing up like videogame characters or animation characters. These costumes are ORIGINAL DESIGNS. That just LOOK like anime character costumes.

this is the best thing ever. My pal is dressed up like a gothic lolita. This lady is taking a picture of him. The dude in the far right is taking a picture of her taking a picture of them. And I'm taking a picture of the lot of them!! I honestly can't get enough of that shit. Best of all – it's not staged. I just saw it unfolding and documented it.

this section: FASHION SHOW!! What I learned was, taking pictures of models is HARD. For an event supposedly designed to give photographers access to the models, that shit is hella hard to take pictures of.














separate fashion show: punk style samurai clothes. The models are members of this pop band ESSU EMMU.





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  1. rk March 30th, 2011 8:10 pm

    Zima! That was a long time ago, wasn't it?

  2. fizgig April 10th, 2011 12:05 pm

    If it isn't Hazuki
    Thanks for uploading these

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