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reup : BLACK METAL: cataplexy, belphegor, ssorc, galhammer, funeral elegy

7/18/2004 BLACK METAL SHOW this was my first ever Japanese black metal show. Like all ‘first times’ there were surprises. The most surprising thing was, that it happened AT ALL. This is not a popular genre here. Also surprising: pretty much only nerds like it. A lot of short hair in the audience. A lot […]

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reup : panda fucker maniac revolution, niku dorei, cps, neji, keruppino

Aug 6 , 2004 YUKIMI NOT DEAD volume 40 @ nishiogikubo WATTS. My pal yukimi is one of the best people ever. By day she’s a respectable corporate claims adjuster. By night she’s a brutal maniac! Her house is full of 1,000 stuffed frogs, which compete for space with her huge obsessive collection of grindcore […]

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reup : hospital equipment tradeshow

July 14, 2004 @ Tokyo Big Sight   INTERNATIONAL NEW HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT EXPO 2004 I have to say this was a letdown. Sure, they did have the ‘cybershirt’ and the ‘Unblinking Eye Of Sauron remote-control Parking Garage How-Full-Is-It-er’ but it wasn’t amazing. I was expecting total gnarly, Dead Ringers- looking futuristic operating room tools and […]

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reup: Gangsta-punk cholo live: DSB, decay, fc five, dsl, public domain, elements 4 upward

[HARD CORE FUNZINE 侍 PRESENTS ~ TALK 4 MAKIN'IT REAL vol,24] July 10, 2004     the theme of tonight’s show was, “DON’T YOU HATE IT WHEN YOUR MUSCLEBOUND ARMS BECOME SO TOTALLY THICK THAT YOU CAN’T TIE YOUR OWN BANDANA ANYMORE?” I have to admit this is not a question which I had ever […]

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reup : KOREA/JAPAN oi! FEST: dick spike, samchung, tabloid play, rux, couch, jiraltan 99, oi! valcans, spiky brats

KOREA/JAPAN Oi! FESTIVAL \     ok, I went to another wish-we-were-english-punk show just last night, but damn. How can I pass up something as delightfully absurd/Quixotic as a ‘korea / japan oi festival’?? the first thing I noticed was: hella dudes wearing like 20 year old Fred Perry shirts (i.e. the ‘official skin shirt’) […]

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reup : Tokyo Dark Castle (goth/industrial thing)

TOKYO DARK CASTLE VOLUME 6 SATURDAY JUNE 26. 2004 My pal Hatsaplenty, at around 3:30 in the morning, pretty much summed up this gig: “soto wa ninki ga aru.” (outside is very popular now). With no less than 11 bands and 10 DJs, it seemed at least half the crowd preferred to chill outside in […]


reup : CATFIGHT 8: masked cherry, goldie, salamander. . .

June 6, 2004d Today’s fight was a, er, ‘festival’: a NINE-FIGHT Collaboration between 3 of the main promoters here in town. . .NIPPON CATFIGHT LEAGUE, GALSHOCKER, and CAT PANIC ENTERTAINMENT. Fight one: woman-vs-man battle. The guy’s costume was pretty rad: white cotton y-front briefs. The woman’s gimmick was even better, if slightly racist: she was […]


reup : Yamanbas!!!

June 12, 2004 they're BACK. last week i showed some scans of 1999-2000 yamanbas from EGG magazine. like most people, i thought this fad had died out. but in fact, the NEW issue of EGG (july 2004) is pretty much a cover-to-cover report of yamanba revial. they're called MANBAS now, and the new look is […]

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reup : Prog: Lo*silo, dum dum dan, naikaku @ live freak

Sunday June 13, 2004 @ Shinjuku Live Freak ok, so i should mention PROGURE, the (as far as i know) only 'prog rock coffee bar' in the world. it's the size of a closet, and the walls are covered with old LP covers. You can get you a frankfurter and some wine and listen to […]


reup : ‘a la mode night’ Goth/loli party- MEDICAL FETISH version

April 2, 2004 ENGRISH OF THE DAY: 'sars' graffiti tag, harajuku   EVENT: a la mode night   Nurses who look like they’ve been practicing surgery on themselves, patients who think being broken is ‘cute’, plenty of fake blood and gauze bandages. . . stuffed animals that have suffered grevious bodily harm. . .these are […]


reup : impulsive, hat trickers, the blast, pogo machines, dsb, order, slowmotions, tom and the bootbois, disclose, extinct government

  EVENT: conflict for freedom March 1, 2004   Today was a HUGE show with 10 very different bands. Oi, punk, hardcore, and ‘d-beat.’ The only thing that the bands seemed to have in common was NECK TATTOOS. like, almost every one of these bands had neck tattoos. Just totally painful looking, but as far […]

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reup : padlock, Asukari, ravings, SOMEI YOSHINO, black dress equipment, conclusion

April 28, 2004 —  punk show @ DOM I guess it was ‘new band night' because there was almost no audience and the bands were totally jacked, awkward, and just plain weird. But not surprisingly they were WAY BETTER than the ‘regular' bands that knew how to ‘be cool'. ASUKARI: BEST. BAND. EVER. These guys […]

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