Tokyo Damage Report

reup : Tokyo toy fair @ Big Sight

Mar 5, 2004


need i say more?


—- the most amazing thing about these figurines is. . . they're made by people in their own home. It's not like America where you have to buy a model kit from the a big company. In Japan, people just make figures for fun. And they are skilled as hell.


—- the second most amazing thing is this: THE HAIR IS SCULPTED FROM THE SAME PUTTY AS THE BODY. This hair is seriously like one millimeter thick and flows flawlessly like water from the character's head. When pressed, the creators will say that they use a tiny, paperclip-thin wire as an armature and then spread the putty on after that, but still, what the hell. This skill level is simply inhuman.


—- . . . and again with the hair.




—- the THIRD most amazing thing is: the PAINT. Lots of these dolls had the kind of 40-layers-of-gloss paintjob that you'd normally see on a lowrider that you'd get shot for even LOOKING at.


—- some of the dolls looked like this. . . .


—- . . . but most of them were like this. Just cute and not hellish.


—- . . .and almost NONE of them looked like this. I guess macho figures are out this year? Or more likely, they have their own discrete event.


—- camera? Or Giant Transforming Robot Figurine? You be the judge.


—- Though the REAL, UNIRONIC macho robots are scarce,a running theme this year was 'WOULDN'T IT BE COOL IF THIS PERSON TURNED INTO A GUNDAM FIGHTER? Here is Azumanga Daioh's Osaka, or her gundam avatar.


—- welded steel gundams. Just much more impressive in person, sorry.


—- another what-if-she-was-a-gundam thingy. Note how the shoulder-mounted cannons are, in fact, MEDICAL SYRINGES.


—- this is the best photo. I. Have. Ever. Taken. Best part: it's no joke. It's no modern art asshole trying to be funny. This is a real product from the seventies that somehow made it off the assembly line before they figured out that KITTY IS FLIPPING YOU MOTHERFUCKERS OFF. My pal pointed out that with her other hand, she's all like, "bring it on. You want a pice of me?"


—- enough said.


—- one of the things that I will never get used to is the 'sexy dolls' that come in pieces and you have to glue them together like a damn model car. Can we agree that the most unsettling thing about this whole fetish is the packaging: BAG AFTER PLASTIC BAG OF DISEMBODIED HUMAN LIMBS???


—- speaking of which, what's up with random Travis Bickle?






—- PICT2233.jpg" type="image" />






—- I think this is from a videogame? Sorry I'm not a big enough nerd. I just love how it's sci-fi, but JULES-VERNE style STEAMPOWERED sci-fi. Also pink.






—- here's THE BEST THING; an EXPLODED view of an unassembled figure. (the 'after' version is in the corner there). It makes me wonder, why anyone bothers even doing NON-EXPLODED versions of ANYTHING. Ever.




—- P


—- can't forget the sex dolls. Some kind of lesbian wolf – on -terrier combo here.








—- this company, whose name I can't even read, had the best idea:


—- LEGO build-your-own-modular gundam!!






—- here's your new desktop. Enjoy.

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    @moof: i deactivated a plugin. check your rss – is it still “that way?”

  3. Frank April 15th, 2011 12:16 am

    Hey, this isn't related to the article but I think the Ura Hello Work translation is missing. I can't find it anywhere and I'd really like to show it to a friend.

  4. J April 15th, 2011 3:21 am

    Was seeing the same error. Looks fixed now to me!

  5. moof April 15th, 2011 11:39 pm

    Yup, fixed now. Thanks!

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