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April 28, 2004 —  punk show @ DOM

I guess it was ‘new band night' because there was almost no audience and the bands were totally jacked, awkward, and just plain weird. But not surprisingly they were WAY BETTER than the ‘regular' bands that knew how to ‘be cool'.


These guys just break all the rules. They had some clean-cut construction worker on bass, some total green-haired toothless homeless dude on guitar, the OTHER guitar was some nerdy hessian guy who spent the whole show on his knees fiddling with his pedals, on drums was this 5 foot tall metal dude who looked like a totally cute girl, and the singer was this preposterous Postcard Punk Wattie wanna-be guy. everyone was a real punk: not in the fashion sense, but in the sense of being a total awkward fucking loser who is permanently banned from society. And they WENT OFF- just rocked hella hard. and the crowd just stared at them like, ‘Uhhhhhhhh.'

For the finale, the drummer destroyed the kit, the bassist tipped his amp over on his bass, and the guitarist waddled out into the crowd and dumped beer all over. The homeless guy was totally rocking too, and wearing this army jumpsuit that hadn't been washed since Macarthur took over, and was so baggy on him it looked like a diaper. Just awesome!!


another awkward, amazing band. the bass player was some kind of Vato, the guitarist was trying to be Steve Miller or Jimmy Page, all playing hardcore punk with slide guitar, the vocalist . . .jesus, he had this totally out of control swamp hillbilly aesthetic going. Overalls and a knee-length mullet. These guys were totally not supposed to be in a band together but they just didn't give a fuck. the music was OK but the main thing was their DANCER. Some dude looking like Mr. Rogers that just did the MOST OUTRAGEOUS spastic dance moves I have ever seen, all by himself. He was totally sincere and didn't give a fuck what anyone else thought, or about being cool. he just wanted to enjoy himself. Mr. Rogers was the punkest guy at the whole show. Naturally I made an appointment with him to hit some of the Roppongi nightclubs.


Named after a Japanese cherry tree, somei yoshino is YET ANOTHER totally awkward band. the bassist is some afrocentric raver, the guitarist is seriously lita ford (Rita Fold?), and the vocalist is Janis Joplin. Over 3 decades of fashion in one band. I fully expected them to suck, but in fact they played really good hardcore punk. What makes them better than most bands is this: they loop the parts for longer, and the drummer is heavy on the toms, and they have lots of call-and-response choruses that go on and on. The vocalist seems to have taken all her stage moves from DEATH COMES RIPPING's Natsuko. But she (somei yoshino's vocal I mean) was still epic to watch, all flexing and gesticulating and being nasty and mean.


aside from having the best name of the night, the singer was just preposterous. He kept making these mysterious hand gestures, somewhere between Vegas lounge lizard and hammy Shakespearian actor. The music was really boring though, no match for the band name.


just generic punk. Not eccentric or awkward. Not memorable either. They weren't trying at all.


?padlock were padlock. Despite having an audience maybe 30% of what they usually have, they just played really hard, grimaced, and were good. honestly they don't jump around that much. But I like them anyway because they all wear hell of leather. If your whole band has a ‘look' then you don't have to jump. The singer totally contorts himself into wacky pretzel poses, like one foot on the monitor and the other behind his neck, or bent over 180 degrees, with his Mohawk touching his butt.

So the bands were by and large awesome but the audience was just really tame and non moving. Sad to say I didn't do that much either. Basically it was an awesome show ruined by apathetic fans. Which is even MORE retarded because most of the fans were the other musicians.

































































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