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reup : ‘a la mode night’ Goth/loli party- MEDICAL FETISH version

April 2, 2004


'sars' graffiti tag, harajuku


EVENT: a la mode night


Nurses who look like they’ve been practicing surgery on themselves, patients who think being broken is ‘cute’, plenty of fake blood and gauze bandages. . . stuffed animals that have suffered grevious bodily harm. . .these are some of the sights at tonight’s GOTHIC MEDICAL FETISH PARTY.



IRYOU FETCHI (medical fetish) is, as the saying goes, big in japan. It’s pretty funny. Most of the people here are 22 year old girls in art school who just think it’s cute, but there are maybe like 5 middleaged guys in dockers that are just super medical perverts?to them, this is better than a strip club.

There were the usual gothic shopping mall people. plus some amazing artists:


to see more of MIsaki Lune's wonderful messed-up doll art:



stuffed animal / fetus art:


Plus this band,

リリィ・ヴィヴィアン played. Their singer was an angel. A badly wounded angel, possibly someone who went to heaven after some kind of industrial accident. She was toting a blood-drenched snoopy doll on a chain. The music, though, was straight-up mainstream rock ballads of a kind Tom Petty would approve. Huh?

After リリィ・ヴィヴィアン , the ubiquitous jyo-nen played again. This time, in addition to her usual mummy costume, she was outfitted with fuzzy pink bunny ears AND a ‘hannibal lechter’ mask.

Then there was a fashion show for the new clothing line called ALICE LIDEL. It’s pretty advanced ? each outfit for sale comes with its own persona: age, blood type, mission statement, etc. it’s basically ‘cosplay’ where the costumes were invented BEFORE the characters.


ALICE LIDEL fashion site is here:

click ‘character’ to see the garb.

PROJECT MARIA gothic fanzine website (but not the zine itself, which is print)


—- リリィ・ヴィヴィアン is the name of the band. apparently.


—- note the blood-encrusted snoopy dangling from the chain










—- he is a taxidermist who makes stuffed vampire rats. Also he has a vast collection of mouse fetuses on display. She made this doll:


—- isn't it cool that women can make totally nasty, ill, misogynist art too? Women's lib, japan style!


—- half nurse, half patient, all blood, all cute.


—- they insisted they were cats. Check the furry legwarmers. Because, as we all know, cats can't get enough of furry legwarmers. Also try to spot the tails.


—- she said she popped all 8 of these pins in her ear just for this event.


—- part mummy, part flamingo, part cherry blossom!!




—- for no reason, there was this girl singing regular straight ahead pop songs, while the fashion models sort of milled around behind her.








—- co-editor of the gothic zine PROJECT MARIA


—- hachiya-san


—- eye trauma. Note the 'traditional' Japanese fan. The shorter lady was wearing nikes and jeans under her kimono. Rock!


—- the cutest outfit of the night. CUTEST.


—- joynen, the band.




—- joy-nen's dancers put on their best IRYOU FETCHI costumes for the night.




—- joy-nen with bunny ears, and (perched atop her head) the Hanibal Lechter mask. Also with huge prop needle.


—- now she's attacking one of the fetish guys. there were around 5 guys there all dressed like him, and you know they had a TOTALLY DIFFERENT appreciation of the event than the rest of the audience!!


—- the OTHER cutest outfit of the night.


—- goth shopping mall. Buy your bandages pre-soaked in blood.


—- owners of the store!


—- dancers.






—- djs violet and his pal.

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  1. […] loli" movement, which is something else entirely. It's a combination of the goth loli, iryou fetchi trends. It's basically the same thing as the broken doll […]

  2. Mello January 13th, 2012 8:11 pm

    I will be in Tokyo soon, so I was wondering what the address is to get here? Sounds fun ^^

  3. admin January 13th, 2012 10:44 pm

    artism is the name of the production company. here is their site

    it has a schedule of upcoming events.

  4. Mello January 20th, 2012 6:38 pm

    Thank you~my Japanese isn't very good, but I understood the schedule. There is a map on the website that leads to Live Inn Rosa..Does that have to do with the address??? Also, I am 17, would I need an ID or could I get in? Thanks for your time!

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