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reup: geisai art show #6

Sep 12, 2004

went to GEISAI 6!!

it's an arts bazzar kind of like DESIGN FESTA but smaller. different artists-with-day-jobs have little booths where they show their art and try to sell trinkets. that's right, trinkets!!

the best booth was run by these two adorable gay dudes who did joke-art.

such as the molted skin of a cicada, mounted next to the discarded skin of a gundam.

Or a popular stuffed teddy bear– made entirely out of barbed wire.

or traditional japanese weaving but with hot-rod parts woven into it.

or a cherub sculpture but the wings are KFC chicken wings.

or a motorized stuffed animal on a bed which has nightmares and writhes in its sleep.

or — and i think this won a prize maybe — a video called VIRTUAL SWIMMING. it's hard to describe. they have a motorized swimmer's head mounted on a little remote-controlled car which moves at alarming speed over the ground, as if a person is 'swimming' through the concrete. they take this to various public places and film people's reactions to this 'virtual swimmer.' they also rule.

then there was MODERNART MUSUME (a parody of MORNING MUSUME, the pop group). MODERNART MUSUME are a small army of women who wear sexy nurse costumes and run around in a huge phalanx. i did not take a picture of them because this seems like a pretty cheap way to get attention. sorry guys and lesbians. but they go to the other artists' booths and evaluate the art. if they like it, they slap a big ole' red cross on it, which is pretty snarky and excellent.

Plus there was, and this surprised even me, a creative yamanba there! She was probably my age, which is also surprising. Just chilling by herself with white eyeshadow and drawing pictures of kogals vomiting rainbow-colored polyps with big cutsie eyes in them(the polyps. Well, and the kogals too). I asked her, “so is that vomit?” she said, “no, that’s her FRIEND.” Me: “where can I make such a friend?”


art links:

nao honda is a housewife and mother of 2 who does these gnarly aubrey-beardsley-meets-indian-porn silkscreens. i was like, 'has your kid seen, um, 'goddess of penis' yet?' she was like, "aw, hell yeah!" plus her site is in english.

modern-art musume's website. they are REALLY into using their pert young bodies in order to get famous for their creativity. PC or not PC? unbelivably cynical or just thinking out side the box? also this is one of the best designed sites i've ever seen.

CHILD H is the opposite — a guy who is actually has to be a little talented becaue he doesn't have beauty to coast on. his surreal anime-ish illustrations are THE BOMB. unfortunately his website sucks.

go here, then click on creative, then click on 'illus' and then you can see tiny ass .jpegs that do not do his work justice at all.

CHINO is a fucking one-man army. he has created his own world of vaguely monkey–shaped robots, which communicate through the very futuristic means of farting. there are dozens of different robo-farto characters in his little world, and he produces them as: coasters, stickers, keychains, figurines, postcards, and fine art prints. plus his website does NOT suck.

On with the photos:


—- this guy, MADCITY,  had a whole wall of fractured porn. Look, she's got twins! I was mature enough to contemplate the postmodern theoretical implications of the detournment for like 2 seconds before laughing hysterically.


—- this is a motorcycle gangster (bosozoku).


—- this is all done in adobe illustrator by a guy named ERA.




—- the edvard munch snail-boy came to the artist in a dream. Note the eyeball in the palm of the left hand.


—- the joke-art guys' booth: barb-wire teddybear


—- cherub with chicken wings


—- traditional Japanese woven sculpture with hotrod parts all tricked out.


—- virtual swimming


—- excellent fashion!!!


—- this guy built tiny 'houses' out of carboard.




—- excellent haircut!


—- for no reason, mod!!


—- it's hard to see but these are life-size children's mannequins with guns standing around a decapitated body.


—- life-size arien sculpture


—- out of control Plush Georgia O'Keefe mirrored stuffed vaginas.


—- the ASS-MOUSE. You use it like a normal mouse but more discomforting. Also the software on the PC allows you TO SPANK A VIRTUAL ASS WHICH WOBBLES.


—- they just stood there covered with sexy costumes and white paint. Later I asked them what was the meaning. I couldn't actually understand any of her answer except the word 'doll.' I'm pretty sure the point was 'if we wear short skirts we get attention and don't have to have talent.' Actually maybe they're advertising-school students and not art-school??




—- these foolios are from Osaka. They do all these public interactive performances with huge sculptures made from trash. This is a fish-bike. You can actually ride this mother.


—- MORE YAMANBAS. They insisted they were just PRETENDING to be manbas for today. I couldn't smell them from a block away so I tend to believe them.


—- hey, you know the mascot of my site? Surprise – here's a WHOLE BENCH OF HIM. This photo was taken on the bus. That's right – I stole my mascot from the Tokyo bus company.


—- random futuristic buildings in Odaiba


—- #eurinating.jpg" type="image" /> —-


—- #tankenspals.jpg" type="image" /> —-

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