Tokyo Damage Report

reup : Dead (germany) Japan tour w/ church of misery

sep 11, 2004

go to the best metal show ever. jesus, all these bands are amazing. why is this genre not popular over here???


Jesus, why didn’t I like these guys the first time? They are one of the best bands ever. Unbelievably slow and heavy with occasional Celtic Frost in the mix. Also the vocal knows when to shut up. Most heavy metal guys just yell all the time because they’ve got, like, SO MUCH ON THEIR MIND, what with Christianity and stuff. But the COFFINS guy will just drop like 2 syllables per riff, almost like chanting. Please, people, learn from this man. On the bad side, though, it’s still impossible to take a flattering photo of this band. so, don’t judge by the photos.





Really raw primitive death metal. Lots of slow parts. No mosh parts. Drummer shaved his moustache.

I realized what made tonight’s live so much fun ? the sound guy was actually competent! I went up to him and said thank you. Finding a competent sound guy in japan is like finding a thin American.



These guys have such an excellent gimmick. The vocal wears a butcher’s apron stained with — OH NO!! BLOOD!!! And the string section is wearing gas masks. The guitarist in particular has a microphone in his gas mask so he can woof a little. Brilliant! If you asked me to tell the difference between a BUCHER ABC song and an ANATOMIA song, I would laugh at you.










You know the old Rock Story: Band broke up last year. Singer left. Now back with new singer. Will new singer be good?

Well it turns out the New Singer is a fucking madman. Not better than the old singer but JUST EXACTLY AS GOOD. all writhing and gesturing cryptically, hopping on one foot, diving into the crowd, playing 3 notes on his vintage analog synthesyzer, then running back on stage, flexing his muscles, writhing more, shaking hips, taking off his macrame hat, putting the macrame hat back on (some sort of weird OCD thing going on here), and then repeating the whole routine. The dude moves like a drug-addled cougar. The music is pretty much the same too ? Black Sabbath-y songs about serial killers. But they do not neglect the grooviness either. all the parts combine into one constant groove. I shouted myself hoarse.













despite it being the last show of their tour, these guys were enthusiastic. I’ve never seen a death metal band more genuinely happy to be playing. I’m not a fan of death metal but, fuck, how can you hate on a band that is so happy to be rocking for you? Plus they were wearing COFFINS shirts.







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