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SUNDAY October 10, 2004

So, my advice to foreign bands who ‘really want to tour japan, dude’ : start an oi band. Oi punk is not my favorite style of music ever, but definitely that crowd loves to dance more than any other crowd. I’ve been to metal shows, ‘regular’ hardcore shows, noise shows, prog shows, etc. etc. . . fools just kind of stand there and nod. you have to be like the best band in the country before the kids even wiggle a little hip. But if you are in an oi punk band, all you have to do is plug in and the kids are bouncing off the fucking walls.


These guys were the surprise hit. A lot better than the last time I saw them. still don’t move around much, but all their songs sound like covers of totally famous 70s songs like SONIC REDUCER or something. I kept thinking, ‘wait, do I know that one?’


The red-haired gentleman went on to join One-Armed Bandit, then Angulipogachan, and now he's a Hat Tricker.



Yay!! I finally REMEMBER a boob$hit show. the music was fast, uncatchy and utterly beside the point. The guitar was so fucked I could not tell one note that guy played. But they jump around like monkeys and really have fun and should have been the headliner, no doubt. If only they could combine their ferocity with childish prank’s melody.




























I really don’t have anything to add about these other bands. They’re good at what they do, but I already ‘reviewed’ them like 4 times, so fuck it.


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