Tokyo Damage Report

reup : sweef, anthropic disease, everybody’s enemy, deep slauter

jan 21, 2005 @Hatsudai Wall


Vocalist was all choking the bass player with the microphone cable. Then diving on some poor alone guy in the audience. Bassist all hoisting the bass up in vainglorious poses. ^^ please email, the site is in english, and you can mailorder stuff in english!!



oh my GOD. Just the most ANGRY, the most JUMPING, the most crazy guitar-face-and-throwing-the-microphone-stand-against-the-wall, fucked up awesome emo-hard-core band. FUCK. The rhythm guitar is this tiny little guy who bounces off the ceiling like a fucking superball. All their songs are under a minute long. There is nothing bad about this band. Except that they do not play every single live show in tokyo.

also they have completely awesome lyrics, to wit:



You offend us

You carried out "trouble" and the "obstacle" to as.

We not allow you.

We fight with you and "win"

You lose, please dissapear quickly

there are no odds.

Please still kill

It's our victory




defeat dog! you are fake

your mask separated.

it's already valueless.

a false way of life.

Notice soon! fuck you!




dead or alive

choice are two

unfinished life not worth a shit, isn't it?

then what shell you do?

recklessly alive ungainly die.

an answer is one.

It understands



this time I was actually able to get good pictures of this band. If you want really good J-punk, email them. They speak english. Also, they rock in every language on the planet. They rock in ESPARANTO. The vocal is all bending back and forth like a human Slinky and the bearded guitar guy is throwing his guitar up and down in a 190 degree arc without missing a note, and in between all the song-parts they have these total tight-as-shit breakdowns that last a microsecond. Plus this is the band The Laides all came to see.



I really do not want to repeat my LAST review of this band (which mostly consisted of me going “Fuck!! FUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKK!!! HOLY CRAP!! FUCCCCKKK!!”) . they are just chaotic short-songs and crazy dangerous stage actions with 2 vocalists, a 8 foot tall guy and a 3 foot tall girl who sort of runs circles around him like an early marsupial battling a Stegasour or something.

Or something. See, this is why rock journalism is hard.

Afterwards I hung out ? the afterparty is pretty awesome ? they put out tables but no food, and then don’t charge you any money. How killer is that?? You just hang out with the band until you get tired and bail. Also the bartender/(owner?) is this big sumo-looking guy with dragons tattooed under his eyebrows, and a fucking NO-SHIT SIDEWAYS MOHAWK. What everyone talks about but no one dares do. I pointed out that this was in fact a traditional Irish Catholic Monk Tonsure dating back to the 1400s and he just giggled like a schoolgirl.

Also there was Miss Unity-M, the Punk Highschool Teacher. She teaches English!! I asked her if she had punk students, and she was like, “of course! Sometimes we go to lives together!” she has a very good photo-website of japanese pop-punk, please visit it.






—- singer choking the bass player with the microphone cord.


































—- my man usually plays bass, but he cut his finger at his chef job, and now he has a cast that makes him permanently flip off everyone. That is like 200 extra points, isn't it?


—- I guess it is more clear in this picture




—- SCUM BANDITZ with The Scum Bandit Dancers.






—- A.W.A.S






—- punk flyer of the month; EDGE OF KNIFE VOL.2-featuring COLORED RICE MEN, DISCOMFORT, OUT OF WORK, SCREW-THREAT, and of course DISGUSTIES.

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