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MP3 post : going Psycho Killer on a Talking Head

new rap tune. listen or download. The supply of pundits is way too abundant We got to thin the herd yo Chase it and hunt it Because you fuckers is getting redundant They call you talking heads, but you’re just trifling filler If you’re a talking head, then I’m a fuckin’ psycho killer! Pull the […]


Japan book review 4 :INSIDE THE KAISHA by Noboru and Anderson

Picture me reading one of those “How to Do Business The Japanese Way” books! Not only did I read it, I fuckin’ enjoyed the hell out of it. What the hell, man? Their method is straight-up balls to the wall : You know the old saying, “You don’t really know your own country and culture until […]


sealab 2021 quotes

OK, here's the last TV punchline mp3 posts for a while. 256 quotes from Sealab. Because that's what I do to unwind from reading esoteric Shinto textbooks. right here:  RUBBERSPOON  RUBBERSPOON RUBBERSPOON RUBBERSPOON RUBBERSPOON RUBBERSPOON Spread the venom Hide Sites

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mp3 punchlines from THE CRITIC

The Critic was a short-lived cartoon back in the '90s.  I just re-watched it, and now realize it was not very good. Way too sentimental, not vulgar enough, and the basic idea (animated film critic reviews parodies of Hollywood movies) was never funny even the first time: Hollywood is so boring even parodies of it […]

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June Decay

a a a a zzzzz a a a a zzz a zzzzzzzzzzz a a a a a a a a a a a a a The shop that burned down? The ROAST CHICKEN. Spread the venom Hide Sites


Architechture of West Chuo line

Between Musashi Sakai and Kouenji! a   a a a a a a a above, this nutty MC Escher building is an architectural firm! the "BOW STUDIO." Talk about getting high on your own supply. a a a a a Below, this building is not only interesting, but all the tenants are ALSO interesting: an […]

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theatrical rock live:strawberry song orchestra, ryuuketsu blizzard, katsutori gakudan at CHOP

sunday february 20 , 2011, at ikebukuro chop theatrical rock show put on by A La Mode magazine (who, if you're a long-time reader, recognize as the people who usually put on Gothic Lolita liveshows) classid=”clsid:38481807-CA0E-42D2-BF39-B33AF135CC4D” id=ieooui> 1: gekijou guernica 【 劇★場ゲルニカ 】 not very good art-rock with a whiff of emo. Too incompetent to […]


funny Japanese surnames

  I decided it was time for me to learn Japanese names. I used this helpful site: , which lists the top 5000 most common Japanese family names. I'm studying the top 1,000 for now. . .but in the process found some really awesome family names. Keep in mind that the translations I'm giving are […]


neal hamburger sighs for you

So the server that hosts this site went down, and that's why the Hamburger and Japanese Surnames got lost, along with the most recent comments.   Neil Hamburger sighs is hereeeeeeeeee These aren'T the jokes – just his trademark sighs, coughs, and rueful chuckles. Put these on any playlist on shuffle and listen to Neal […]

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Japan Book review  3:   EROTIC GROTESQUE NONSENSE by  Miriam Silverberg I thought ero-guro (the combination of cuteness and violence) was a new, ‘90s thing – like visual kei or Shintaro Kago or Akayukihime made up. Turns out it’s a term from ‘30s! So I got a book about it. The bad news is, ‘30s ero-guro is so tame […]


terayama again?

the server went down, and some emails were lost. Sorry if yours was lost! also, to the excellent person who said they had a COPY OF A PHD THESIS ON TERAYAMA and would loan it to me, please get in touch, OK? i would love to look at that thesis, and thanks so much for […]

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Japan book review 2: TERAYAMA SHUJI by stephen ridgely

JAPANESE COUNTERCULTURE: THE ANTIESTABLISHMENT ART OF TERAYAMA SHUJI by STEVEN C. RIDGELY Part 2 in a series of reviews of books about Japan. First let me say: I hate the theater and plays. I think the last play I saw was 9 years ago – an atonal 20th-century-opera about Aileen Wournos, America’s most famous lesbian serial […]