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Here's the long-in-the-making Conquest For Death video, filmed in Japan, Indonesia, Africa, Singapore, and the USA!



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  1. BS September 4th, 2011 6:42 pm

    Caught them with Vitamin X when they came to Japan in 2009. Awesome show. I was a little disappointed Craig didn't show up though.

  2. Peter September 5th, 2011 4:40 am

    Hey Steven, I don't have your current e-mail address! Feel free to send me an e-mail and get in contact. I'm still in Beijing distributing independent movies.
    "Conquest For Death"  sounds pretty cool, I hope they come to Beijing sometime! 
    I was just thinking of Tokyo Damage Report after having recently discovered this "New Tokyo Terror" album and was thinking it might be worth you giving it a listen and providing your opinion as a professional, entertaining, music critic.

    Too much background info on the musician can be found at:

    And here is the
    Link to the full album download- "The Adventures of Bernie the Schoolboy" by Joanna Wang aka New Tokyo Terror

    I'm curious to hear what you think of this music. She aspires to Oingo Boingo. Does she reach such absurdity?

    ===Peter S.

  3. admin September 7th, 2011 6:00 pm

    @peter: I listened to it on her site, and all i can say is: there are no drums, which is a deal-breaker. Also the vocals sound like they were recorded in her bedroom. Which is fine if you are an indie/punk person but if you are supposedly a pop star who wants a major to release your rock opera, then it’s a bit strange.

    Here is what to listen to: GLOBAL WARMING EXTRAVAGANZA. They’re like a rip-off of CROTCHDUSTER. So amazing – only five people bought that CROTCHDUSTER album but somehow they have their own tribute band??? That’s like Adjetive Noun having a tribute band. Jesus! Still though it is rocking good fun.

  4. Peter September 9th, 2011 2:49 am

    Thanks for your words on that. Yeah, it's not exactly music one can dance to. I'll pass the word along that she should figure out what sort of percussion best fits the story.  Maybe the vocals were recorded in her bedroom? She doesn't get out much. I'll ask.
    Now I'll have to look up both Global Warming Extravaganza and Crotchduster. These days are my first foray into music created this decade. Is it progress? Is there such a thing as progress? I remember 15 years ago arguing with some nihilist in a club who claimed there'd be no truly original new music. She said everything from here on out is derivative. Well, now it's "The Future", and how do we know it's "The Future"? Because there's a new popular music genre. What do you think of dubstep as a newfangled thing?  
    I'm really enjoying this "John 'Cong Crusher' McCain" song on the Global Warming Extravaganza site. It's just as confusing as John McCain is confused.

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