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Back in August 19th, the Israeli army killed 3 Egyptian police. Apparently the Egyptian cops were killed in the crossfire of some kind of gun-battle between an Israeli helicopter and  Gaza militants on the run. Egyptians are mad because Israel killed their border cops and then – according to the story – "apologized" but did not take any substantial action. This according to the Jewish Daily Forward's website.


It's September 9th, and I just googled "2011 israel kills egyptian police"  In the first 5 Google results pages, there was ONLY ONE news report from a mainstream American news agency  (ABC) about how the Israeli army killed 3 Egyptian police on August 19th. 


Wait, I take that back –  it wasn't even "real" ABC. . . a local ABC affiliate in Philadelphia was the ONLY American news agency to report this.  So – as far as Google is concerned – not even ONE major national USA news agency bothered to report the story.


Now, I just googled "2011 egypt israel embassy", and in the first 5 Google results pages I found like basically EVERY American news agency – CNN,NYT, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, HUFFPO, etc. covering the subsequent invasion of Israel's Egyptian embassy by outraged Egyptians.   I then pulled a Noam Chomsky and read the FOX, CNN, MSNBC and NYT reports, but there was no mention in ANY of them about the – oh you know- the REASON Egyptians were upset.


The whole "Sorry we blew up your policemen by accident,  right when relations between our two countries are at a total crossroads, but shit happens Egypt, get over it." thing. 


Both "left-wing" MSNBC and "right wing" FOX basically cut and pasted the same exact article onto their websites, and both ignored  what was probably the main reason for the attack on the Israeli embassy. Because, you know, Muslims just like to go crazy and attack shit for no reason.


Also interesting: on the very first page of Google results for the August 19th incident was an article by the Jewish Daily Forward (which they copied from the Israeli Haaretz news service) – so ironically, the Israeli media itself was more fair to the Egyptians than the American media.


I'm just saying.

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  1. Tim Drage September 12th, 2011 11:51 am

    Unrelatedly in 'line you probably forgot about from one of your old reviews becomes ongoing South Wales grindcore scene in-joke' news:

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