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2011 fall photos

below: brutal concrete "toys" from a park by the Tama river.     yes, it's a trilobite. My first thought was GOD I LOVE THIS COUNTRY.               buildings!         amazing pedestrian walkway by my local station:           above: the pagoda facade was […]


USA has madd doody on its chin

America! One week! Two universities, two clashes with police! In this corner: UC Berkeley, where some students were camping out in support of increased taxes for the rich.  The students were peaceful, but 3,000 cops come out of nowhere and kick their ass, drag some to jail, mace everybody. In that corner: Penn State, where […]

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wtf drones

Wtf drones? Like some people say they are awesome and others (hippies) say they are immoral (WTF targeting people for death based on statistical algorhythms of “behavior patterns?”), but here’s one thing I haven’t heard either side even say once::   “What’s gonna happen when Russia gets drones? When China gets drones? When they start […]


anti-nuke rally this sunday tokyo hibiya park

speeches start at noon @ the amphitheater in the park.   If I'm reading this flyer correctly, the actual march doesn't start until  around 3:30, and will go from hibiya park past the TEPCO office!   Anybody down?   also, these links:   Spread the venom Hide […]

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