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comic market 2009 RONBUN ROUNDUP

let's start this off modestly: THE WATCHES ON MY ARM   This is a page-by-page review of all the watches dude owns. Not like the best watches. Just ones he owns.  The dude is defiantly analog:  writing about wind-up watches in a zine format. POSTAL GUIDE VOL. 7 I didn't post any scans of the […]



kanjidamage (the How To Learn Kanji With Yo Mama Jokes site I do on the side) now has a paypal button.  Believe it or not, people were asking for one. It took around 6 months but I finally got around to it. TDR is never going to have ads or paypal or anything.   Spread […]

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comic market summer 2011 RONBUN ROUNDUP

Tokyo Big Sight's bi-yearly comic markets are world-famous for nerd manga. But what if I told you there was a whole separate section, a hidden corner of zines? Zines which were totally otaku but not about manga or anime at all? I'm talking about the motherlode of old-school Japanese overly-specific hobbyism. For those of you […]