Tokyo Damage Report


Reality tv show: gather together half-a-dozen refugees from mind-control cults in different parts of the world (i.e. people who escaped cults, who have lived their whole lives inside really extreme ideology, but no longer agree with that ideology, but who have had no contact with the outside world basically)
  •   refugee from Sudan – never seen any iron-age technology besides an AK47.
  •     one of those poor women from the American Midwest Christian cults where dude has 20 wives and they dress like Little House on the Prarie
  •     kid from North Korea
  •     refugee from some psycho Hassidic family.
  •    Some ancient crusty island motherfucker that is like the last survivor of the New Guinea Cargo Cults.
  •      Various other misfits.
Put them together in a house and every episode would consist of this:
Sit them down in the main room and show them some artifact of modern Western society:
(for example, anything from the SkyMall catalog or a USB dildo or an Adam Sandler movie or a industrial packing pallet full of Slim Jims or the Willie Horton ad or some Star Wars bedsheets or even another reality show (i.e. season 1 , flavor of love) )
And just leave them alone to try to deduce the meaning of the object. Not just how it works, but more like: what does this object mean to modern Westerners and why do modern Westerners like it?
Play them a Bon Jovi CD and tell them “Over 30,000,000 people bought this. Why?”
Show them a velour thong and ask them “What is this for?”
Show them a fat-cart. Take them to a supermarket in it and ask them to pick out the “best” food.
Basically the show would sort of hold up a mirror to our society. Like the old “anthropologist from mars” routine.
More context would be given but only if asked for.  The people on the show would “win” the challenge simply by providing a coherent explanation for the thing or its appeal to westerners. Whether we westerners agree with this or not doesn’t matter. Just the process itself of these folks from massively different backgrounds trying to puzzle over some garbage would be awesome. Everyone would have been taught from a young age that everything from The Outside World is Evil and Bad . . . but each person would have been taught a different REASON why, and on top of that, they all escaped their horrible homelands and no longer believe that ideology, but have nothing to replace it with. It would be interesting to see if by the end of the show, would they embrace the cheesy first world materialism or conclude that humans everywhere are all just as fucked up.

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  1. François September 4th, 2012 8:20 am

    Put somebody from Jersey Shore to host the show, and you're set.

  2. Victor October 7th, 2012 4:42 am

    IIII'D, watch it!

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