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the INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS and the riots




second thought: Hey maybe if someone actually played the original Producers movie for the Lybian/Egyptian extremists, they might calm down.

third thought: the best and most informative reporting I've found on the issue is here:

The dude is not only unbiased but he blows off the trivial sensational aspects in favor of context and talking to actual Lybians and Egyptians.

fourth thought:   the usual muslims-vs.-americans violence is "You invaded our country so we're going to kill you."

This incident is NOT the usual. After all, the violence started in Egypt and Lybia, where  the US was on the side of the pro-democratic forces and didn't put troops on the ground.

Instead , this is a case of  "You are blasphemers so we're going to kill you."     

The occasional muslim-vs-infidel violence (the Dutch moviemaker who was killed, the ongoing Salman Rushdie thing, the Danish Cartoon Apocalypse, etc) gets a lot more press over here, but the fact is : 99.9% cases of blasphemy-based violence are MUSLIM-VS-MUSLIM.

Remember during the Iraqui insurgency, all the Sunni and Shiite militias that were killing each other even more than killing our troops.  And even right now, we have Lybian Sunni radicals are persecuting Sufis (who are also muslims).  And the biggest sectarian conflict is in Syria of course, where it's basically a proxy war between Sunnis (Saudi Arabia, and , well, most of the middle east) and Shiites (Iran, Lebanon). 

So the biggest victims of  religious intolerance and "die, blasphemer against allah!"-type violence are . . . . other muslims!

Some people are saying "Well this kind of embassy-burning violence is to be expected if the West lets free speech get out of hand," but WTF,  if middle-eastern muslims are more sensitive and tolerant in their speech than westerners, where are all the Sunnis killing Shiites getting their ideas from?!? Fox news?!?!?


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  1. François September 19th, 2012 1:03 pm

    There are also those radical (armed) Salafist fuckers in northern Mali destroying ancient Muslim mausoleum in the name of God…
    And if Saudi Arabia had its way, they'd pulverize those heretic Iranians outta this world !

  2. nisbahmumtaz October 18th, 2012 12:04 am

    As an ex-Sunni myself (now atheist, because I love my sanity), I can tell you, the indoctrination of how "HORRIBLE" the other sect is very very strong. In a school I went to before, the teens are taught that Shia are really radical, and would kill others who are not of their religion, including Sunnis.

    Well, if that were true, all these Sunnis killing the Shia are really no better. The Sunnis were NOT taught that killing Shia is a good thing, and I highly doubt the same thing is happening vice-versa. It's all hate propaganda!

    It's nice to see someone who actually knows about the two Islamic sects, though. Most of the western world are too…foxed in the head, if you know what I mean.

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