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kill list (is on the kill list)

Spent last week making a damn rap song.

It's about politics!

It's over 8 minutes long!

I'm rapping like it's 1981!

There are samples of lynxes and raccoons!


click here to download mp3 of KILL LIST IS ON THE KILL LIST

Obama got himself a kill list,
Now Romney wants one too
Nobody knows who is on those
Maybe it’ s me or you
Funny thing about that list
Officially it don’t exist! Just
like the targets, it disappears , we
Can’t debate what’s isn’t there!
No  matter who wins, the election
Your vote don’t affect that policy
Just ignore it, it’s way too important
To leave to democracy! Beltway
reporters, consider it tacky
to ask about al-A-wa-laki.
The official story of how he died is,
He tripped over the President’s peace prizes.

But it’s
not just arab Americans
That vanish in the dust and sand
Ideas can also disappear
‘Specially in election years.

Gitmo bay and climate change -PUT EM ON (what?) THE KILL LIST
Debt relief and minimum wage -PUT EM ON (what?) THE KILL LIST
Poverty rate, incarceration rate 
why can’t we debate, these those or this?
Because the list its god damn self is . . .   

Real politics is who is able to
decide which issues are on the table.
By the time they talk to voters,
real politics is already over
Mcdonald douglass, Koch bruvasss,
and the NRA
Pick n choose, which issues,
the cand-di-dates can-de-bate
left or right wing, here’s what that means,
after they take the rest:
You got the right, to go and fight
on the crumbs that’s left
Immigration, and abortion,
So-called controversial bits                     
Controversy just means, that the  lobbying green       
Was too short to get  ‘em on the list.
In that case there’s a loud  debate, and the
dudes allowed a chance to paint
The other fella as so extreme
Even though they usually agree!
Negative ads, from shadow PACs,
got us all excited,
Citizens been conquered and divided
all thanks to Citizens United.
While the voters, dis each other,
We forget how much we have in common
And we don’t ask why neither guy
Mentions our most pressing problems.

But everybody, from every party,
thinks campaign spending’s too far
We want to keep jobs in the US,
and get our kids home from the war
But neither hack is, pissing  off his backers
so these things aren’t discussed
Romney and Obama, got more in common
with each other than they do with us.
Neither henchman is gonna mention
Gun control, even to deny, and if you
think they’ll discuss, the war on drugs
My friend,  you must be high.
People behave like their guys’ a saint
and the other guy’s the devil . . .But big
companies, give both men cheese
 at almost the same level.

What do they know that you don’t?
What do they know that you don’t?
What do they know that you don’t?
Is it you can’t guess or you won’t?

Reporters , under orders,
Never press for a kill list quote
With over 6 billion in election ads,
they’d be dumb to rock the boat.
Even if you rightwing, you should be frightened,
by this state of affairs.
No debate means you can wait,
axe Romney about school prayers.
If you want more options left or right
You can poop in a sock come election night.
Mail that sock to Ross Perot,
with a note reading “act like you know.”

union busting and charter schools                      -PUT EM ON THE KILL LIST
erosion of due process rules                   -PUT EM ON THE KILL LIST
wall street fraud prosecutions,              
single payer health solutions                 
network neutrality, fracking, pollution, – PUT EM ALL ON THE KILL LIST

If we ain’t paid the taxes on his loans
All Bain’s profits would be gone!
Mitt took government subsidies
And stashed the money overseas!
In a secret bank account
And dude won’t disclose the amount!
He’s not going to win, but that’s OK
His job’s making O. look moderate
The crazier he gets with policy
The more dems have to meet him halfway.
The donkey moves more to the right
And tells the voters it’s a compromise
no matter that Obama wins again,
Because his agenda will be more Republican
if that don’t seem, like victory
to the average blue and red team,
Our oligarchs, are hella smart
their only ideology is green.

So wiggle your holy underpants
Everybody do the Mitt dance!

No matter who wins he’s got to
Kiss the tuchus of Netanyahu
We in the red he in the black Still
every year a $2 billion check
And when we advise on how to spend,
He tells us kiss his rear end!
For all the money spent fighting muslims,
That fool should be paying US, son!
Create schools and a million jobs,
for dudes in afganistan,
The cops we train, they take aim,
and   shoot our fighting men
But when we want some jobs for us,
They call that a “stimulus”
And when we ask for a smaller class
They just hand us harder tests

Workers are takers, you’re on your own,
We gave job creators some risk-free loans!

Who are Americans more afraid’a?
DHS or al Quaeda?
Our taxes Pay the TSA  
to search our private parts,
but every day, luggage guys
can bring anything into airports!
$700 billion , plus a QE trillion,
cause banks too big to fail,
5 billion more, wiretaps galore,
for NSA to read all your email . . .but
Where was the, austerity,
when they gave the banks that gift?
when you want your share, for medicare,
they say there’s no money left
Both men agree, that subsidies,
to big oil is well spent
But treat retirees like welfare queens,
because they want “entitlements!”

both men support the cause,
Of treaties that make foreign companies,
immune to all our laws.
for the sake, of free trade
importers could do no wrong,
But under TPP, your butt could be
In jail for downloading this song!

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  1. Kellen September 20th, 2012 2:40 am

    At some points in this you sound like a mixture of Jello Biafra and Weird Al.

  2. admin September 20th, 2012 4:42 am


    actually i was trying to sound like this song, “bottom line” (by obscure political old-school group called “south bronx.”)

    give this a listen:

    but yeah, being between biafra and yanchovich is basically my place in life!

  3. sephim September 20th, 2012 5:44 am

    'actually i was trying to sound like this song, “bottom line”'
    Mission accomplished.
    The real question is, will we ever hear another rock opera from you?

  4. AnokPanda September 29th, 2012 2:05 am

    i felt a Zappa in there too.

  5. admin September 29th, 2012 5:03 am

    @anokpanda: zappa? I’m stumped. You mean, some of the wacky atonal drum breaks remind you of him? or his rap tune “dumb all over?”

  6. Max March 7th, 2013 3:00 am

    So apparently now they're saying that they believe they can carry out extra-judicial targeted killings of American citizens in the USA, as well, in certain hypothetical situations.
    The other day a Senator filibustered to bring attention to this issue, demanding that this be clarified, and urging as much public awareness and debate as possible. Obviously he's a traitor to this country and hates America, because I know that I would want the government to send flying killbots to correct my behavior before I fell completely into the grip of hysterical anti-statism.

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