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virtual album covers

Ha! Fucked around and made virtual album covers for all my unreleased albums!  I put the first 3 albums up on my bandcamp page. I'll post more if enough people go there and download them . But until then, I keep myself amused goofing around in Photoshop.       1             the E-Z-Boy history of […]


2013 plans

1)  working on fake covers for all my fake albums.  over 30 so far. Need another 15 but burned out. 2)  overhaul of the Tokyo Underground Tour guide 3) kind of don't care anymore.  Would rather be in the bathtub reading Pynchon than worrying that Facebook and Tumblr etc. make it possible for some trivial […]


secret plans revealed!

    So the reason I haven't been doing this site recently is, I was re-mastering all my old songs. Hundreds of them. It took years! In some cases, I had to rip from cassette-tape masters. In other cases, I had digital files in obsolete formats that had to be converted WITH TIME TRAVEL. In […]