Tokyo Damage Report

2013 plans

1)  working on fake covers for all my fake albums.  over 30 so far. Need another 15 but burned out.

2)  overhaul of the Tokyo Underground Tour guide

3) kind of don't care anymore.  Would rather be in the bathtub reading Pynchon than worrying that Facebook and Tumblr etc. make it possible for some trivial douche to update their "relationship status" and get 100 times more "likes" than if i spent 10 hours making an in-depth report about Japanese emperor-worship and its lingering effects on contemporary subcultures.  If the fuckin ' internet enables so much information then why can i not find for the life of me websites that I want to read? Oh because "information" doesn't distinguish between Russian penis-enhancement ads,  and actual reports of war crimes that journalists almost died to get,  and kittehs. 




4)  Church of Misery is playing a fucking one-man-show at the new 20000v on dec 29th at 5 pm. please come to this, as it will be the best show this year. Also please bring me some leather lube for my leather jacket which is so stiff and brittle,  i can'T even wear that shit.   Leather Lube Links Please in the Comments. Fuck.


5) second best show; for 1000 yen . . . .dec 22, at kouenji DOM studio (in PAL shopping mall).  .. . 25 bands, 1000 yen. can'T go wrong.    F.I. D.   。。。。 Endon, need i say more???? fuck!  starts i think 3 PM goes alll night. it is a classic Japanese "gaman" contest to see who can tolerate the most mediocre music.


6) maybe a short story / rock opera (new!) based on a dream which I am presently having, where different parts of a song (melody, the rhythm, the meter, etc) are each political parties, and each have their own Fox News-style propaganda groups and PAC committes to influence  how the song goes, to their own benefit, regardless of how shitty the song winds up sounding. And actually if  the song gets shitty, that is all part of the plan, assuming they had the 50 cents-and-a-diet-sprite neccesary to hire a Spin Doctor to explain to the masses (in this case, the individual notes)  that the shitty song is entirely due to THEIR FOES and the only salvation is to give even more UNILATERAL POWER to the SAME FACTION THAT FUCKED IT UP SO FAR.

Wish me luck bringing that baby to fruition.

It will be called STAIRWAY TO SHITSTAIN.

















































































7) A n Old School Death Metal project about Kimberlite Pipes, not to exceed 5 songs in length. This OSDM . .. .will  be. .. .Perhaps even a OSDM   Puny Humans reunion, but don't expect   LA LA LA LA LA LA LA BULLSHIT WALTER  all over again (this last comment directed to our oppressive A&R agents).


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  1. moof December 20th, 2012 1:38 am

    Do you want more feedback and comments and shit like that?

  2. cube December 20th, 2012 2:23 am

    Have I thanked you for Kanji Damage lately?  That shit has been so helpful.

  3. Tzench December 21st, 2012 3:28 am

    It's great to have you back!

  4. Max December 23rd, 2012 1:37 pm

    I’m no expert on leather jackets, but I’ve fixed up several pairs of leather shoes with just regular saddle soap and polish. You could probably buy expensive leather conditioners or whatever, but since saddle soap and black leather polish can be had almost anywhere for not much money, I’d try that first.

  5. Jen December 29th, 2012 10:15 am

    What you contribute to the Internet has far more value than what that Facebook douche contributes. What's more, your work will continue to be valuable for as long as you continue to make it available, whereas Facebook douche's relationship status really isn't valuable at all, ever.

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