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New Rap Song About NRA

THANK YOU WAYNE       Wayne LaPierre, he ain’t playing fair High heels, bustier, lingere derriere His style is suspicious, these violent hypocrites is Switching up, playing both sides of the fences “Gun control is bad, crooks will always get guns” They should know, because they’re the ones who’s selling to thugs! Sell a […]

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  DIBS – disinformation beurau of scandal. The so-called “war on whistleblowers” is only the visible prong of a 2-prong strategy. The administration knows that no matter how hard it tries some stuff will eventually leak. To “prepare the battlefield” for future leaks, the DIBS was created: a super-secret beuaru whose only mandate is to think up […]

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Iron Maiden Venn Diagram

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There’s been a lot of debate about tea party racism-or-not, a lot of very tedious and inconclusive debate  . . .but I’m finally confident that I have got to the bottom of it: no, they’re not. I base this on their reaction to the IRS singling their 501c(4) applications out for scrutiny. WHICH WAS THE […]


home grown terrorists and secular idealists

People ask, “What is up with home-grown terrorist kids? How can they enjoy all the freedoms of a rich and democratic society and still want to blow up America (or England or Spain or wherever)?”   I think a major reason why “home grown” terrorists exist is that precisely BECAUSE they are growing up in […]


design festa spring 2013 roundup

OZEKI ISAMU's gag panels about contemporary Japanese cultural foibles NISHIMURA GUNDAN's wonderful character design   JACK POY's incredible Ghibli-Meets-Bladerunner photoshoppery   EM's awesome series , the theme of which is: "cute girls posing with insect larvae and other soft garden critters"   NAO KITANO's incredibly lush retro-Edo mythological paintings   TAHAI ROMAN's retro '30s stuff […]

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how about a REAL new music format?

When I was a kid, we had LPs and cassette tapes. CDs were the “new thing” that was supposed to “change the way you listened to music”.  No one was sure exactly what would change, except you were supposed to throw all your LPs in the trash and spend your change on replacement CDs.  Because. […]


so this is what i have been doing all this time

For the past months I've been doing a SECRET ART PROJECT.   Behold.   This is a rediculous, immature, and probably illegal concept. But it is also a concept that I'm sure millions of people have thought of but NO ONE HAS EVER DONE IN A SYSTEMATIC WAY.  Put another way, this is something that […]