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Exactly how much more is my Wendys going to cost if farmworkers have rights?
Exactly how many more cents is my t-shirt going to cost if Bangladeshi girls are not being murdered? 
And if millions of  workers each had a little more pay to spend, what would they spend it on, and how much would THOSE industries grow?  How much would that stimulate our economy? How much more stuff could WE sell to American farmworkers or Bangladesh?
If economics were not a thoroughly corrupted discipline, there would be a hundred people working on this already. Instead there is 100 people working on how to make derivatives “better”. Another example of how a discipline can be totally corrupt without actually churning out straight-up false research. 
millions of articles about student debt and the rising cost of college,  but not  even one (far as I know) attempt to actually look at the budget of a university, compare it to that same university’s budget in the 60s when it was affordable, and see exactly what things are growing faster than inflation.
 I mean they all have that information archived. And it's not somebody's opinion. it's cut-and-dried facts.
I get that the regents would want to keep that data secret , but nobody on ANY SIDE of this debate even seems to think that that kind of study is important, whereas I think it’s impossible to have any kind of debate without doing that first.

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  1. Rick June 12th, 2013 12:35 pm

    On your second point:
    I'd also say that many universities since the 1980s have gone on a real estate buying spree for some reason…

  2. admin June 12th, 2013 4:03 pm

    @rick: how do you feel about MOOCs? Especially in subjects where you’re normally graded on your written essays? Apparently those essay tests will be all converted to multiple choice.

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