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  1   Metallica – kill em all 2   Slayer – reign in blood 3   Blind illusion – sane asylum 4   Slayer – show no mercy 5   Metallica – and justice 6   Destruction – Infernal overkill 7   Slayer – haunting the chapel 8   Metallica – master of puppets 9   Vio-lence  – oppressing the masses 10   Exodus […]

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supply chain detectives needed

Today’s phrase is SUPPLY CHAIN.  That’s the chain of all the companies involved in turning a raw material into a finished product you buy in the store. For instance, with a T-shirt, the chain starts with the cotton grower, then the next company in the chain is the factory that turns cotton into yarn, then […]

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political suicide of the wizened hate-sacs

OLD PEOPLE UNDER A BUS   If you’re an American, ever since you were a little kid you’ve heard the phrases “political suicide” and “the old people” side by side. Anytime you’d ask why the politicians don’t do some obviously sensible helpful thing, people would tell you, “it’s political suicide! Because of the old people!”  […]

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authentic sounds vs. authentic relevance

Been thinking about authenticity. Say it’s 2014 and you want to really get down with your favorite subculture – say, do some authentic Dada art or start a ‘80s hardcore band.  Why is that so hard?  People who imitate literally – even if they are sincere and get all the right equipment and have really […]

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the best rap song never written

Naomi Klein-type people are fond of saying that “austerity” (i.e. cutting social security, medicare, welfare, food stamps, etc.) is just an example of what U.S./Europe did to 3d world countries in the ‘80s and ‘90s, come back to bite us in the ass. According to this theory, Western-controlled organizations like the WTO, World Bank, and […]

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the reverse powell memo!

THE REVERSE POWELL MEMO   In the 30s, lefty politicians like Huey Long got  popular, because Lefties of all walks of life had big ideas they could rally around (socialism! Populism!!) , and that solidarity allowed them to put pressure on mainstream politicians and demand substantial changes : FDR had the New Deal, and LBJ […]

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oligarch self-defense for beginners

In the past, when there was a revolution, gold would get seized.  It didn’t matter if the revolution was Communist Russians, or Jacobin French, or Batshit Ayatollah-Lovin’ Iranian. . . regardless of the ideology, one thing held true:  you “liberated” the gold and jewels from the oppressive rulers.   But that’s all about to change. […]

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the SECULAR SAINT theory

Many religious functions – explaining where we came from or when to plant crops – have been replaced by science.  But even these days, science can’t explain the meaning of life or provide comfort to people who have lost a loved one.   But so what?  Why even let religions have a monopoly on those […]


tom waits collected lyrics

download lyrics to everything from Closing Time through Real Gone, as a Word document, right here.   Just like the deal with my collection of Marvel superhero dick pics, I’d always assumed that someone had already taken care of this, but since the internet was falling down on the job, I went ahead and did […]