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sochi aint shit

    I’m going to Sochi,  to give Putin a trophy The crowd is all saluting  for the way that he blows me Homie sucks like a Flowbee , calluses is on both knees He’s grody he’s lonely , wants to show me his goatse Judges gave him a 9 –    The deepest throat […]


Big Media Is So Misunderstood

    Recently, there’s been a lot of hand-wringing about how the media makes everybody polarized, gets everyone riled up and ready to have a heart attack, treats politics like some retarded sports event, stirs up controversy out of little things while ignoring huge systemic problems which affect ALL Americans, regardless of party affiliation, breeds […]

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2 things America is doing for the first time in world history

Here is an amazing thing about History:  For all of recorded history, generals had to win wars. Wild! It didn’t matter if you were fighting for a “good guy” (Chirchill, Caesar) or a “bad guy” – Stalin, Ghenghis Khan. . . if you lost the war, or even if you catastrophically fucked up a battle, […]