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Today’s headlines from Democracy Now

Today’s headlines: 6,594 human rights feared dead in clash with civil liberties. We look at an Award-losing documentary about  Blogonian child journalist who survived a 47-year botched execution. 300 tons of toxic waste goes on strike against Ukranian whistle-blowers. The FIRST transgender Burmese werewolf to go on trial for war crimes. Tonight we’ll talk with […]

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The problem isn’t that the senate over-represents states with small populations. The problem is that small states exist, period. Why can’t we get rid of the fucking electoral college? small states! (small states are ALSO over-represented in the EC and like it that way. Thanks for ‘lost the popular vote’ President Dubya, small states!) Who […]

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trash the burner

Summer on the playa Record crowds Setting up the trailer Get wasted and plowed Wow man, that art project is huge! what is it? It looks so. . . creative and deadly. a ditch! someone dug a bottomless trench round the whole camp. First people to cross is a group of eurotrash they fall 20 […]

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1     The Only Way I Would Ever Laugh At Saturday Night LIve Is If A Cast Member Died Slowly Of Ebola In A Single Hour-Long Shot. 2      .. . . Or The Plague. 3      Where’s My Fucking Phone 4      Wedge Heels Are Just Plain Ugly (The Worst Kind Of Heel) 5       Oakleys; The Douche For […]


Agent Drundle’s Most Dangerous Mission

Drundle’s Most Dangerous Mission the last ‘pattern of life strike’ of the day, now it’s miller time! wipe the cheetos off my arm and go to punch out Rochelle says that the boss wants to see me. Oh shit! was it that wedding party I turned into ‘bug-splat’? Or that soccer game i vaporized in […]

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my two francs on Charlie Hebdo

First, that massacre was fucked. Fuck whoever was behind that shit. Let me say that right now, before I dive into the controversial, non-obvious bits. Fuck a cartoon-shooter. Back when the Great Danish Cartoon Scandal of Ought-Five happened, I was like, “Oh those crazy Muslims, irrationally over-reacting again.” Now I’ve discovered what I like to […]


stop me if you have heard this one

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A religion develops a ‘new’ messiah, a puny spin-off of the main god, who gradually grows in popularity over time . . . the new version of god gets more and more jealous as his followers accumulate more earthly power, and eventually insists that he is the ONLY […]