Tokyo Damage Report

Agent Drundle’s Most Dangerous Mission

Drundle’s Most Dangerous Mission

the last ‘pattern of life strike’ of the day, now it’s miller time!
wipe the cheetos off my arm and go to punch out
Rochelle says that the boss wants to see me.
Oh shit! was it that wedding party I turned into ‘bug-splat’?
Or that soccer game i vaporized in a signature strike?
That can’t be it. . . a click of a button turned the casualties into ‘enemy combatants.’
Fuck! does he know about that $50Million Predator that I almost crashed when I was texting Charleen?
I could lose my overtime pay! My Secret Santa! He might tell the government!   If i lose my clearance,  how am I gonna get that post-retirement gig at McDonell Douglas!  I might have to join the Air Force like a sucker!

Truly, the life of a warrior is fraught with danger!

Agent Drundel reporting, sir!
Sit down, Drundel. I have to ask you something.
Look in my eyes, Drundel.
Do you know the individual who ate my damn calzone?
The one with my fucking name on it in sharpie? In the break room fridge? For the fourth fucking time in a row?
It wasn’t me, sir. I’m allergic to cheese.
Sir, it says so in my records.
Very well, Drundel. If you find any information, report to me at once.

Another battle won, danger faced with stone face and animal cunning.
I Really dodged a bullet there!

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