Tokyo Damage Report

trash the burner

Summer on the playa
Record crowds
Setting up the trailer
Get wasted and plowed

Wow man, that art project is huge!
what is it? It looks so. . . creative and deadly.
a ditch!
someone dug a bottomless trench round the whole camp.

First people to cross
is a group of eurotrash
they fall 20 seconds
until they reach the living moat
all scorpions all the time
Holy shit, we’re all going to die
but, it’s so unique and creative!

We can’t get out, help can’t get in
Let the party begin.


Food runs out on the 3d day.
Communal ideals are the first to die
Followed by the nudists.
They’re easier to stab

The trustafarians can’t buy their way out of this
Dot-com millionaires sucking dick for a twinkie
Lord of the Flies with glow-sticks
Now where’s your self-reliance?

“You should try my recipie for human skull”
“We roasted him on this steam-punk engine”
“Wow that’s so creative! You should send that to Etsy!”
“Yeah man, but first I need your liver.”


Water runs out on the 5th day
Hippies boil urine in vats
Most of the survivors just drink blood
Hunt down the remaining ravers with bats.
It’s like the Great Outdoor Fight
No Roast Beef in sight
Wired magazine writer, meet piano wire
Wear his skin as a blanket, set his laptop on fire
Roving gangs of lesbians
half starved and full of hepatitis
waving dildos turned into spiked bats
chase a pack of tourists into the ditch
what a Waste of meat,

a boon to mankind
total burner extinction
So many precious snowflakes
Melted in the fuckin’ sun

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