Tokyo Damage Report

Today’s headlines from Democracy Now

Today’s headlines:

6,594 human rights feared dead in clash with civil liberties.

We look at an Award-losing documentary about  Blogonian child journalist who survived a 47-year botched execution.

300 tons of toxic waste goes on strike against Ukranian whistle-blowers.

The FIRST transgender Burmese werewolf to go on trial for war crimes.

Tonight we’ll talk with an Arabian human rights violation that’s been missing for 29 days inside the Keystone pipeline.  Is  Guantanamo to blame???

a Nigerian massacre was killed today in a roadside bombing at Walmart.

4,000 United Nations gay marriages died in a toxic hurricane crackdown.

Interview with a Ferguson astronomer about the epidemic of genetically modified factory farms raped on campus, and its links to a top secret CIA hot-pocket depository.

Grand jury refused to indict Pope Francis in the rectal feeding of  Monsanto executives.

Death squad on hunger strike after activists sue NY State for bias against the radially symmetrical.

3944 homeless veterans crushed under horrific landslide of handicapped Palestinians.

ISIS fighters execute a humanitarian crisis in  Sudan, the fifteenth such crisis to be executed this year.

Today we spend the hour with a werewolf hot-pocket.

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  1. cucumber pepsi February 1st, 2015 5:09 am

    Werewolf hot pockets?

    Dayum ! God bless ammmmurica

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