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new rapping song today

You can listen here, but if you want to tell friends or donate money, do so on the BANDCAMP. Rapper of Puppets by schultzzz Everyone has a rapper they like who tries to sound smart by saying some ancient mystical gibberish. Thought I’d try that myself, mixed with some old-fashioned Robert Anton Wilson shit.   […]

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  People love jobs.  I mean we hate jobs, but we love the fact that we can eat food not made by Alpo, in a house. Every pundit, from Communists to Capitalists, from Republicans to Democrats to Friedmanites to Kenyesians agrees that increasing the amount of work everyone does is super, which makes sense considering […]


Homeless Futures: a rough draft

currently, we have ‘payroll futures’, where Wall-Street types can make million-dollar bets that wages will go up or down next year. ( Of course, if your wages go down, YOU don’t see a penny of that million, it all goes to the traders). shortly, we’ll have ‘jobless futures’, which will be pretty much the same […]

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