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new rapping song today

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Everyone has a rapper they like who tries to sound smart by saying some ancient mystical gibberish. Thought I’d try that myself, mixed with some old-fashioned Robert Anton Wilson shit.






Rapper of puppets, pulling your cremaster

and calling me out , is like calling out Hastur.

The Gran-Mal Master !    Hassan I Sabbah!

Manatee on a rack like a rap Torquemada

Flunked the Invisible College

Library of Congress on a microchip knowledge

Inferno inside~!

Mystic initiate!    ballistic pistol spit!

My Remote-control Tesla physics are intricate

the aggravated marovingian ;  tribe of butt-surfin’ indians

savior DNA descendant, necrovated revnant sniper

open the ark of the covenant,

found God’s diaper and a stench that’s repugnant

The laprascopic canteloupe

Time-share a lair with Hank Scorpio

Keep Obama’s real birth cert in a Greyhound locker in Idaho

I control

illumiNAT-eye, controls OCCupy, controls 7-11

controls hot 97, controls mosanto, controls the kgb channel,

controls the wolf of wall st, controlls scientology

controls the UN, the Pope, and the corner swap meet!!!


(you can’t hide the truth!)

cyrogenic Nostradamus,

ViewMaster full of lost gnostic gospels, rotating!

i’m e-bayin’ a bible, autographed by Satan

R’yleh real-estate speculatin’

Norman Bates and Orly Taitz,

totally Tape-tradin’ deleted expletives,

Nixon administration decadence!

Descendant of Midian, cross-bred with amphibians

Safedeposit box in Fort Knox with the world’s first plastic titty in.

gave a reptillian a full brazillian

just for the map to Yamashita’s bullion

to finance the construction

of the blueprint of the world’s largest Funnyun:

it’s the size of Montreal,

me and Diddy in a sauna plottin schemes with Monte Hall

(Don’t be fooled by frauds! click this link!)


Found the philosophers’ stone in the whore of babylon’s uterus

for you to comprehend my cosmological constant is ludicrous

beyond-NSA crypto-analyst, ripped on cannibus

predict the fall of empires, Adam Weishaupt status

Injira straight from Addis Ababa, like Sabra-CAdabra

badder than bad brains’ Coptic Times

that’s why i rock these rhymes on illuminated manuscripts

third-eye monks can’t understand my shit

Lex dick with Luthor cleverness,  got a secret base in Mt. Everest

JFK killer confession on microfiche in my sweater-vest!!!!!



catch me at Bohemian Grove, drinkin’ Lean in a robe

inflame Dull Care apparatus to gain Full Player status

So we can scheme and control

Conspiracy THEOrist!

My fez decodes transmissions from Sirius

tinfoil baffler, esperanto yeti

microchip minions tear a wingnut to confetti

they so small minded

Put a false flag up Alex Jones’ behind and, dared him to find it

Smacked up David Ike and made him run those Nikes.

I’m the one they ARE after, everywhere and nowhere like DARK matter

while you trying to capture my decoy cadaver

I’m singing doo-wop with bat-boy, sasquatch, and a dope southern rapper

private eyes try, but it’s no use. too many bogus clues

for those that approach the truth,

I’ll leave you dead geometrically

cut into simple shapes like Ed Emberley.

LSD, let ME see the ineffable clearly

find the kid alternate-timeline chililn’ with President Leary

Keep a loaded Necronomicon in the Book Depository

Bildeberger murder story, coup d’etat

got Cheney’s original heart

in an Egyptian jar,  in the Conservatory

When the jewel is decoded, Rosicrucians start shootin’

pollutin’ water supply with PCP, dye #5, and GM gluten

it ain’t my fault, Iwas at the U.N.

in the secret top story

playin’ mini-golf with Crowley,

JR Ewing, Ross Perot, and Ras-putin.

Omega reflex. Mr. T clone army —  in matching t-backs.
grown in a vat in Nevada
madder than a matador giving lap dances to a labrador
Ancient tomes bound in finest velour
Line after line of mystic manure
Panknotic manuscripts on the kid’s kindle
OBL hiding in a convent with lipstick and a wimple
Price code for your soul!
Masonic mind control from Opus Dei
In the Vatican basement blastin’    “Walk This Way.”
watching Kissinger pop-lock with Lyndon LaRouche
win or you lose:
global dom break-off while the faithful above steady sitting in pews
sheep men idiots, terrestrial pinks.
bred for service, with bread and circus to keep them oblivious
flat screen soma over dosin’ on frivolous gibberish
slave to the subliminal spectacle
with raptor DNA implanted in your vegetables.
cadence impeccable, Cosmic Trigger affiliate.
downloadin’ specs from the monolith – future tech,
Government cams in your Doritos data-mine your tonsoliths
The eschaton custodian, no atom-bomb.
start WWIII with poop-scooper fulla plutonium
back masking, multitasking,school shooters under-a-spell
had a rummage sale and sold H.Y.D.R.A. a used juicer!!!!!

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