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biggest bitch-names for women now in their 40s

There’s already been a bunch of people making fun of  the sort of basic, aspirational, ‘trying to give my baby a movie-star name but it just makes  her sound like a stripper’ type names. (i.e. Mila/Dakota/Auden/Taylor/Skyler/Jacelyn/Ashley/Lindsey/Kayden)’   But I want to take it back to the 80s. Because we had bitch-names back then too, and […]


Curmudgeon With A Bludgeon Vol.3

Yet more songs from my imaginary angry-old-man-bloviating-about-trivial-things-in-a-hardcore-fashion band;   (you should listen to Siege while you read these) 99 Amputating Arianna (From The Knees Up) 100 And Mother Fuck A Casserole 101 Golf Announcer On Ditran 102 The Only Pop Songs I Know Are The Ones That Cover Weird Al (Getting Old Is Rad) 103 […]

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