Tokyo Damage Report

Curmudgeon With A Bludgeon Vol.3

Yet more songs from my imaginary angry-old-man-bloviating-about-trivial-things-in-a-hardcore-fashion band;


(you should listen to Siege while you read these)

99 Amputating Arianna (From The Knees Up)
100 And Mother Fuck A Casserole
101 Golf Announcer On Ditran
102 The Only Pop Songs I Know Are The Ones That Cover Weird Al (Getting Old Is Rad)
103 Poly Styrene Cripples Entire Agnostic Front Concert With Zui Quan ‘Drunken Tit’ Style
104 Why’d You Blow Up The Space Shuttle (You Mormon)
105 Suck A Jewish Baby’s Dick And Get Paid
106 Yehuda Kook Vs. Nyarlathotep
107 Hostile Benches (Lumbar Vengeance)
108 Cracker, Have You Ever Once SMELLED Seafood (How Can You Put That Inside You)
109 Ain’t No Tick Dropping On Me (I Run This Here Copse)
110 DJs: The New Elvis Impersonators
111 I Repeated My One Graffitti Idea A Million Times, So Where’s My Designer T-Shirt Already?
112 I’ll Start Remembering People’s Birthdays When The Sun Engulfs The Earth???
113 Nina Hagen’s UFO Lazer Vaporizes Nikki Minaj’s Phoney Parts; Leaves Only Rumpled Meat-Sac Behind (Don’t Bite The Hagen Stylez)
114 Carbonarra (#1 Spaghetti Ruiner (Why Would You Invent That, Italians))
115 $4 Wine, Instant Coffee, 1998 Cvcc, (But $160 On Books)
116 No Less Than Ten Cavities From Homemade Fucking Smoothies (Fruit Is Healthy My Ass)
117 People Who Are Not Fully Starving Eat Eels (What The Complete Hell)
118 Ethiopian Food Takes Japanese Food Behind The Woodshed And Just Goes To All Kinds Of Town On It
119 The Aging Process #2; Occasional Sharts Vs. Finally Forgetting Every Springsteen Song
120 Entire U2 Fanbase Trepanned By Elder Gods Without Warning Or Anger
121 Dude From Foreigner, Pencil In Hand, Grimly Smiles As He Finally Makes “You’re A Little Bit Wild” Rhyme With “So Hot For You Child”
122 How Do You Want Your Eggs – Over Pukey Or Abortiony Side Up?
123 So Glad I Don’t Know Anyone With A Pickup (With A Dog In The Pickup) (Dog Is Named Bundles (And Is “Rill Friendly With People”))
124 Rappers Nowadays
125 The Only Jazz I Like (Is Playing 24/7 At Shakey’s Pizza)
126 I Can’t Tell Kenny G From Ornette Coleman (Is How Much I Hate Jazz)
127 How Do You Tell A Child That DC Superheros Are Butt
128 Fuck No I Don’t Want To Play With Your Action Figures (They Are From Crap Ideas)
129 Fuck No You Can’t Play With My Action Figures Either (They Are Rad But What If You Break One (What THEN))
130 How The Fuck Am I Sposed To Tell Which One Is The Shampoo?
131 Too Many Ass-Grabbin Flavors Of Yogurt (Has Capitalism Gone Mad???)
132 No One Wants To Hear Who Took Whose Spiderman Socks
133 The Unending Streams Of Spam From My Anti-Virus Program Vs. A Plate Of Boiled Wangs
134 Never Chowder
AKA D.O.C. (Disgust Of Chowder)
135 Declaration Of Total War (On The Stench Of Popcorn Butter)
136 Castration Insurance Acturary Vs. Dick Math
137 Vodka Shower (Lights Out (Chaser Of Own Tears)(Still Better Than Sportsbar)))
138 Pint At Beach (Pissin On Surfers (Oops))
139 Knocking On Doors (Tolerated But Not Encouraged)
140 There Is No Angle At Which You Can Stick Anything In A Pocket
141 I Need A Password To Activate My Christ-Sucking Printer?!??
142 Today’s Incident: Cat Locked In Closet (Force-Wearing A Dress (The Punishment Involves Tears))
143 Hey, People I’m Eavesdropping On, Have A Conversation Involving Ideas Or Thoughts
144 Fucking Pot Smells And Or Tastes Like Pot (Overcome That For Pete’s Sake)
145 Fridge Stench : Origin Unknown
146 Imagine Me Being Down With Deodorant
147 Fuck Your Whole Ethos, Guy!
148 Jackson’s Chameleon Has Too Many Totally Unrelated Superpowers (I Grudgingly Respect This Mutagenic Grab-Bag)
149 Ray-Gun That Turns All Karaoke Songs Into YOU SUFFER

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