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if you think i’m in bad taste NOW, just read these rants from 2009-10     Tell me half of that  Parents-and-children rant isn’t already coming true!   Spread the venom Hide Sites

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New Rapping Lyrics; M.D.C. (More Dead Celebrities)

still finishing the music but for now here’s just the lyrics. M.D.C. MORE DEAD CELEBRITIES your heart is black with rage and pain your music is wack like Dave Mustaine wrecking your brain with oxycontin fucked up your teeth like Jhonny Rotten i ain’t forgotten about Joey Ramone between him and Sean MacGowan they got […]

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curmudgeon with a bludgeon song titles part iv

150 Fuck, I Like Ska Now 151 Oh No I Spent All My Tattoo Money On Soap ((Again) What NOW???) 152 Sleeve Tattoo Soccer Mom Vs. Clean-Cut But Rebellious Hot Rod Dad (There Can Be No Winner) 153 John Zorn: The Grind Bernie Madhoff 154 Society Should Pay For My Boner Extension (I’m A Horse-Cock […]

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