Tokyo Damage Report

exhausting bars, new rap album


This collects all my dad-rap from the past 3 years.  It’s divided into two halves;  the ignorant half and then the smart half.  See if you can tell which is which.

go to the bandcamp page for all the lyrics! Here is just a small sample;;

your heart is black with rage and pain
your music is wack like Dave Mustaine
wrecking your brain with oxycontin
fucked up your teeth like Jhonny Rotten
i ain’t forgotten about Joey Ramone
between him and Sean MacGowan they got one molar
your brother’s a hore, like David Lee Roth
motherfuckers can’t see me like Jimmy Hoffa
like John Maclaughlin my style’s baffling, like
a world where ‘hobbit’ and ‘halflings’ are antonyms.
wanna battle him? wanna slather him with demi glace?
your mama’s fanny graced with more moles than Lemmy’s face
yo in any case, it’s remarked that you’re a whore’s son
noshing on your vomit not unlike Jim Morrison
i swear on Mi Corazon, i’m sick of your yik-yak!
go ask Jayne County where your dick at
with a thick stack of Pitbull / Mike Vic slash fic
for a quick jack to the sick acts
i ain’t dig that, (BDP: ‘that’s wick wack!’),
motherfucker git back before i click-clack
you’re about to have a mishap
it’s behavior such as this that
makes you the object lesson of many a Chick Tract.



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  1. szaszha August 9th, 2015 1:22 am

    holy shit. your rap voice sounds like a parody of obama.

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