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second republican debate review

REPUBLICAN DEBATE candidates in order of I could remember who they were. Candidate; FIORINA Resembles; CALLISTA GINGRITCH LM.D. vers.2.0 Demeanor; evil android BEST RUNNING MATE;   The Old-Dirty-Bastard character from Orange Is The New Black.   Candidate; KUNIDTHTXCH Resembles; HAWKEYE in 10 years Demeanor; sincere, practical, common-sense over ideology. But at the same time, everyone farmiliar […]

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If It Ain’t Too Early For Election News Bullshit, Then It Ain’t Too Early For Facaetious Bumper Stickers

BUMPER STICKERS   NINA HAGEN / GRACE JONES 2016!!! “Do The Math Bitches! NH+GJ= ABMBD All Basic Motherfuckers Better Duck”   LAURIE ANDERSON / DIAMANDA GALAS 2016!!! “You Are Not Prepared For This Administration”   TED CRUZ / ANGELA DAVIS 2016!!! “The Huh? Whaaa? Party”   BERNIE / LEMMY 2016!!! *a vote for us is […]

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