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more election satire

TRUMP the news media dislike Trump so much not because ‘he’s turning the election into a reality show!’ but because he’s EXPOSING that it’s BEEN turned into a reality show for YEARS now,thanks to those same media. they’re pissed he’s blowing up their spot. by emphasizing the horse-race aspect over serious policy, by commenting endlessly […]

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utopias are hard, dogg

  QUESTIONS ABOUT NEGATIVE GROWTH AND UTOPIAS I’ve never seen a right-wing rebuttal to the environmentalist idea of “negative growth.” Here’s the environmentalists talking; “We’re running out of natural resources and yet all the governments (both communist AND capitalist) PLUS all the corporations are united in saying, ‘We have to produce more every year, we […]

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let’s get rid of ideology

building on the whole ‘pope’s round hole’ spiel. . .. 1) Everybody remember the Judean Peoples’ Front, from Life of Brian? (as recent republican squabbling shows, this is not a disease of just the left, although we are much better at it). Compare that to the PC trend of asking would-be feminists, “are you a […]

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Hey look! someone who shares one or two of my views! Yaaay!!!! I’m going to thoughtlessly assume that they share ALL my views, and then get confused and angry when I find out they do not! the back-stabbers! Just like the last 1,000 times that happened! clearly the problem is all the other people! how […]