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Poetic Justice

Everyone loves to laugh at Republican politicians who vote for anti-gay legislation… and then get caught in a bathroom somewhere, with their underwear wrapped around an undercover cop’s junk.

But I got an even better one for ya – and it’s so underground, neither the left nor the right media have talked about it!

Suppose one professor takes a stand against racial/ethnic cleansing, and as a result, loses his job.

Heroically tragic? Tragically heroic?

But then, there’s a second professor.  Who not only disagrees with the first professor re: politics, but ALSO goes the extra step, and attacks the first guy personally, and finds it really ha-ha-funny that he got fired.  Who even suggests that the fired guy is buddies with the campus bigot who had him fired. Ho ho ho!

It’s all very hilarious – until the  second (asshole) professor,  HIMSELF gets fired, for THE SAME EXACT ACCUSATIONS , the VERY NEXT YEAR .


And then screams to the heavens about how unfair it is.


If you read that plot in a Phillip Roth novel, you’d complain that the satire was to obvious and not realistic.


And who is this asshole who makes personal attacks against professors who are standing up for academic freedom?


The Politically Correct darling, Steven Salita.


You read that right.


I used to think that guy was really hip, but honestly now I know the facts,  I’m glad they fired him.  It couldn’t have happened to a better person.


Incidentally, the first professor is Norman Finkelstein.


And what was Finkelstein’s huge crime?  What was the horrible thing that Finkelstein did, that made Salita gloat at his blacklisting from academia?  Even though they’re both anti-Israel, and pro-Palestinian?


Finkelstein wants an end to the Israeli occupation, an end to the violence, justice for the victims of ethnic cleansing, and  a two-state solution (Palestine as a separate country), and Salita wants  an end to the Israeli occupation, an end to the violence, justice for the victims of ethnic cleansing, and  . . . a one-state solution (total desegregation of Israel).


What the fuck?  You guys are both fifteen feet into a marathon, and you’re throwing blows over  how the last 10 inches is going to go? Jesus, no wonder the Left can’t get anything done ever.

Just goes to show,  the Left media is NOT going to tell you the whole story.  The only reason I even know about this NOW is, Max Blumenthal linked to this article . . . .  because he was so up his own ass that he thought it made Salita look GOOD.


Don’t get me wrong, I love Max Blumenthal. I named my cat after Max Blumenthal. But it’s really trifling when people with petty personal beefs use political language to smear the other person. Because they know their twitter followers will respond more to accusations of “so-and-so is an xxx-ist”, more than if they said the REAL reason they don’t like the guy (“so-and-so was rude to me at a dinner party! Hey followers, get him!”).  It’s just kind of shitty to use your little fame to rile up a mob for personal reasons. It’s shitty to your fans to use them like that.




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