Tokyo Damage Report


First, thanks to everyone who commented on the previous post about “how do i get suckers to pay attention to me?”


I’ve decided to put all this year’s writing into an e-book, which I’m proof-reading right now, and should be done by New Year’s.


It’s gonna be called MAXIMUM SCENARIOS. And it’ll be like getting a year’s worth of TDR at once, except no Japan stuff.


I’ll let you know when it’s ready.  But meanwhile 2 questions:


1) Where do people sell e-books?  Amazon?  Is there another place?


2) I agree with people who said this website makes it hard to find old posts.  Does anyone know any wordpress plugins that make searching for old stuff eaiser?  Ideally, I’d like something where, if you click on a category or tag, then the main part of the page (right here!) will display all the corresponding headlines at once.  It would also be helpful to have a button on the bottom of the page saying ‘previous’ or ‘earlier writing’ or something.


OK, thanks again for support, and I’ll let you know when anything new happens.


Meanwhile, here’s a list of



Blind Throckmorton Tibbs III
“New Money” Vulcan Skuggs
“Talahassee Tad” Stenthoupse-on-Thwait
“Still Doesn’t Have Personal Reserved Parking Spot at Golf Club” Harrington
Charles “Summer Home Still Undergoing Rennovations” Rutledge
“Sunk-Yacht” Rochester
Gingham “Underperforming Hedge-Fund”  Tate, of the Boston Tates
Tippy “Cashed Stock Options Too Late” Chandling
“Still Under Indictment For Price-Fixing” Gavingbone
Elliott “Helipad Mercillesly Panned By Best Helipads Magazine” Kensington
“Art Collection Rumored to be Full of Forgeries” DuPont
“Rejected by Skull and Bones at Yale” Thwibbington
Chester “Can Only Pee indoors at Bohemian Grove” Blakesley II
Harrington “Chokes On Own Cigar Smoke” Wealthingsby, Jr.
“Polo Team is Zero for Seventeen” Amherst
“Idiot Snowboarder Son-in-law Back In Rehab” Whittleston
Bartholomew “Second Wife Indiscreet” Covington
“Picked Last for Lacrosse” Yarborough
Woodrow “Trust Fund Dangerously Low”  Whibbles-Thorpe
Duke Prickney “Bought Title With Toilet Plunger Factory Fortune” Realduke
Melissa “Inherited Much Less Than Siblings” DeLaChute


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  1. sephim December 3rd, 2015 7:28 am

    Book Depository, while technically owned by Amazon is a good alternative for books of many kinds, although MAYBE Amazon may get you a wider audience… I’ve got no idea, really. The last book I bought was the GWAR coffee table book from Amazon, but only because pre-ordering was cheaper and it was an actual book and you stopped reading this ten lines ago…

    BUT, no, I don’t know anything about how WordPress does anything, if they even do anything.

  2. ernie December 7th, 2015 11:49 pm

    book sounds awesome. Also I’d totally buy a japan version of your ebook if it was formatted nicely. And if it had the pics & things you took it’d be even better! That was a real slice of life.

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